Will the Beast turn on WTS?

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  • Pureheart

    Many of you have said that the WTS is Babylon the Great and feel that the prophecy in Revelation will be fulfilled on the WTS. The book of Revelation says that this Babylon the Great will go down into destruction because the Wild Beast will turn on her. It also said that God will put that thought into the Wild Beast to carry out this action.

    That is why in one day her plagues will come, death and mourning and famine, and she will be completely burned with fire, because Jehovah God, who judged her, is strong.

    If the WTS is the Babylon the Great of the book of Revelation then this will be its demise. And so all of the whining and crying about the WTS that I have read in this room will not cause the beast to turn on it. God will.

    So give us a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • logical

    The WTS is not Babylon the Great. Who is?

    Matthew 23 describes the woes to scribes & Pharisees. In verse 34-35 Jesus explains how the blood of all the righteous slain from Abel to Zechariah comes to be upon their hands. The cross reference goes to Revelation 18:24, which describes Babylon the Great.

    Pharisees were those who claimed to be true followers of Jah, but proved false to their claims. They were hypocrites. Likewise, the self professed annointed christians, including the Governing Body, and the "annointed remnant", these are the ones who are claiming to be true Christians but proving false to their claims.

    They would rather ride the beast of their religion than serve God in spirit and truth. However Jah will put it in the heart of their golden calf "god", the Watchtower, who will turn on them and devour them.

    The WTS will be thrown alive into the lake of fire. By this time all the good hearted people will have left, and it will be full of wickedness, worthy of everlasting destruction.

    I wouldnt worry about the United Nations personally, they do more good for humans in a day than the WTS have ever done in their history.

  • Andrew Farrell
    Andrew Farrell

    Who put the cross reference there?

  • biblexaminer

    I believe that the governments will stick it to religion. Starting with the Church.

    It may look like they would like to get rid of Muslims first, but did you ever consider this.

    The FBI will uncover that the anthrax attacks in the US are not the work of Muslims, but rather the work of Christian Fundamentalists whose objective it is to USE the US military might to stamp out their oppsition?

    If the US government finds this to be the case, what attitude will it be left with?

    And once they do stmap out Christian fundys, where does it stop?

    And lest we forget, Muslims are a piece of work. They need to be disposed of, right?

    ANd so a brave new world is on the horizon, one free of religious interference with daily life, on where true freedom can reign, uninhibited by clerics who want to use the populace to feed thier own egos, and pocketbooks.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Pureheart et al,

    To say that the WTS is the Bablylon the Great of Revelation is to overstate the importance of a comparatively puny, upstart, 125-year-old American religion, a pup in the litter of millenarian creeds born in the 19th century.
    Actually, it may well be that the WTS may is close to the mark in its interpretation of the prohecy: ``the world empire of false religion;'' it's just that should be considered a part thereof.

  • ashitaka

    No, they wont. Who gives a damn about this little sect-see Room 215's comment.


    "I pray that I may never see the desert again-hear me God."-Robert Bolt

  • metatron

    How 'bout this? Nothing really changes!

    The UN doesn't turn on religion or the Watchtower.
    The UN doesn't rule the world. The UN is scared sh*tless
    of putting peacekeepers in Afghanistan 'cause they'll get
    their heads blown off.

    And finally, the Sept.11 terrorists didn't bother targeting
    the UN building in New York. They went straight for the
    real power in the world - money! - and Wall Street/ World
    Trade Towers.

    The UN is basically impotent, dependent on the good will
    of the US and others.


  • JT

    Pureheart says:

    If the WTS is the Babylon the Great of the book of Revelation then this will be its demise. And so all of the whining and crying about the WTS that I have read in this room will not cause the beast to turn on it. God will.


    Actually Wt is no more than a Publishing Corp that masquarades around as a religion and has some connection to god- they have a sales force of some 6million, they have sales training classes, they each have quotas to meet- they have area managers, regional managers, and they whole CLIMB THE LADDER - unlike most corp that are their size they have a very poor benefit package for it's staff, be it at the corp homeoffice or out in the field- jw will never be able to take advantage of all the wonderful things the corp has promised in thier employee handbook- no sickness, no death, return to youth- get to play with the lions and tigers.

    I have always been amazed how even former jw still try to CONNECT wt to having some biblical importance- it is corp that sells a wonderful product called HOPE, the only problem is they never can deliver the product promised

    as jw we worked for WT.Inc , much like if we had worked for any other US Corp- we just got shafted-

    so no they don't have any role in bible or any fullfillment of "God" prophecy- it's funny to think that "GOD" forsaw and foretold that a
    dude out of PA would set up a corp , call it wt and it would be the fullfillment of something written 2000yr ago-

    it is so sad to watch so many of you try your very best to make the WT into something that it is not- folks for years have realized that you can take an idea ,-- wrap in the bible and sell to folks who need hope THAT IS THE REASON A PERSON BECOMES A JW it's not to be laughed at and poked fun at - it is because wt has very slick brochuresa and they sell that wonderful idea that despite being poor and uneducated, despite wherever you live on the face of the earth you will get A BEACH FRONT PROPERTY TIMESHARE- only catch is everyone is assigned to WEEK 53


  • joelbear

    Do you actually trust government any more than you do religion, or for that matter, organized commercial businesses?

    All three are basically the same type of entity.

    1. They all rely on the support of the masses.

    2. They all convince these masses that without them their lives would be miserable.

    3. They all are much more interested in their own well being than in the well being of the masses.

    The real war is between organized society and natural society and organized society is winning, unfortunately, because it takes more work to make natural society work. When natural society disappears completely, life will follow it into oblivion.

    See my lifeism page for more extensive thoughts.


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