new bethel application question are you a racist?

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  • poopie
    Will the gb finally admit there is systemic racism at the highest levels of the organization.
  • BU2B
    What? Is this real?
  • cappytan
    Seriously doubt that's on there.
  • SonoftheTrinity

    There are two definitions of racism

    1. An individual bigot

    2. Someone who perpetuates hegemonic, especially European or national majority racial or ethnic privilege either actively or passively

    Since most Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in either changing the politics or the culture of this world, most of them, with the exception of a few bethelites working to preserve dying languages through Watchtower literature fall into the second category.

  • Laika
    Great post Son, shows why the upper echelons of Watchtower world is dominated by white people.
  • Island Man
    Island Man
    I remember reading an application form to go away to the MTS that asks the applicant his race. Why is such information needed?
  • sir82
    I took a look at an application (A-8). No question about "racism" on there,
  • cofty
    poopie - Please let us have a source for your statement in the OP and thread title. Thanks
  • baltar447
    In the TOMO3 worship article, you can see that his daughters in law are both black. Maybe between him and Herd, they are trying to weed out any residual racism in the borg.
  • jwleaks
    God is not a racist. As of November 2014 the full Bible has been translated into 531 languages, and 2,883 languages have at least some portion of the Bible.

    The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses is not racist. Their monthly English language televangelical shows, featuring themselves, have no doubt been translated into all the other languages spoken by Jehovah's Witnesses apart from English.

    The Watchtower Society is not racist. For example Jesus is depicted as a white caucasian in their books and magazines. And everyone knows that the color white is a blend of all the colors under the rainbow.

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