My JW MIL asked me to help her download a QR app to her iphone

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  • nonjwspouse

    She is entirely technically challenged, but of course, has been pushed into purchasing the newest ipad and newest iphone .

    While attempting to see if she already had a QR app in the iphone ( she thought she might have but couldn't find it) I saw maybe 10 different JW apps on there! At least? How many are there now anyway? This kind of stuff blows me away when such technologically challenged older people are now getting the latest and greatest ( much newer than anything I have) . Don't even really know how to use them properly or understand them very well sometimes. Plus how many JWs can't afford these things but buy them anyway? Appalling in my opinion.

  • insidetheKH

    There are 3 official apps made by the society and dozens of unofficial apps. Also people study their literature with Apps like Moonreader or Aldiko.

    Soon Apps like Moonreader or Aldiko and the other unofficial Apps can be done away with since the JW Library App is updated very often and gets a lot of expanded features and new content.

    It wll become the all-in-one App. Soon nobody will need bookbags when they go to the KH. Just a smartphone or tablet will do.

  • cappytan

    insidetheKH: it is pretty awesome. Once the flock goes 100% digital, the society will be able to alter theocratic history at-will! No more pesky articles from yesteryear waking sheep up and creating apostates.

    What a loving provision!

  • insidetheKH

    @cappytan will not happen for many years to come

    Recently i was in Malawi. Overthere Kingdom halls have no sound systems.. No electricity and no internet.

    To be able to use the internet i had to travel to the city.

    Most people in developing countries cannot afford tablets and other high tech gadgets.

    They will use paper only for many years to come.

    Even in rich nations paper will not be done away with soon.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    @ insidetheKH: "They will use paper only for many years to come."

    So why are they shutting down printing presses? Where does Malawi and other nations in a similar situation get its literature?

  • Simon

    They make a lot of the idea of it being a worldwide religion but the numbers in Malawi are very very small. Heck, there are only 100k or so in the UK.

    The reality is that it's still mostly a North American religion (followed by Central / South-American).

    They are creating what works for their biggest and most lucrative customer base, nothing more.

  • insidetheKH

    @simon Malawi was just an example however not many of the 1.5 million publishers in Africa (Asia about 700,000) have a tablet or smarthphone capable to handle these Apps and content.

    @Village Idiot what presses are shutted down according to you? The combined output of the printeries is still enormous despite this digital age.

  • JWdaughter

    I have lived in Africa and Asia, and while people in the sticks likely don't have all the newest and latest stuff, there is surprisingly more access than some might know of or even believe. Even in the sticks. The cities hold a great deal of the population and even "poor" people in the countryside often have cell phones these days-even though they might not have flush toilets.Like the Amish, they often have technology hubs that they can travel to. It won't be long, IMO, before all but the most isolated and primitive will have technological access.

    think about it.Even our grandparents are getting on the technology train. Little kids in Africa want to be. I know a young man who, less than 15 years ago, cobbled together an internet connection and internet cafe for his little town in Pakistan. He is now running the IT department of a major bank in the US.

    We trade food, clothes, commodities of all kinds all over the world. Our ID is stolen and used internationally. The need is there for those places to catch up and they are, quickly.

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