Bridgette Jones' Diary - review

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  • waiting

    I luuuuuvvvvved it!

    Rented it the other night, wasn't feeling good, drank some wine - and laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

    Lord, that poor girl lived through some of the SAME things common to all - particularily women, however.

    I had no idea how good it was or I would have seen it sooner!

    A must!


  • larc


    You should only write things like this to the secret, elite group of movie buffs. Drinking wine and watching at home ay. As a movie buff, did you watch the movie in the buff. Oops, I think I went to far. Please don't disfellowship me for conduct unbecoming of a pagan.

  • patio34

    Hi ya Waiting!

    Thanks for the recommendation--I was going to treat myself to a movie and a steak this afternoon (I'm just about finished shampooing the carpet -- whew!).

    I used Simon's feature of checking which new threads were up by you and which posts you've commented on. Cool, huh?

    Hi Larc! Nice to read your posts. Please tell ZaZu hi for me too!


  • waiting

    Howdy larc!

    You MUST get Zazu to watch this movie, and your daughter - they WILL identify. Trust me. In actuality, it was the evening of when I was "addressed" on the forum - and I had a whole bottle of wine. But I think the movie would still be funny even completely sober. Yup, sure of it!

    The scene about what type underwear to wear on a date is every woman's horror/fantasy. See? Got you interested too!

    Hi Patty!

    Guaranteed giggles. I loved it. I was talking to guy who works with me and his wife (pretty straight jw's) and they loved it too - just one of those films.

    They might as well have named the movie "Every Woman's Movie." I don't know if she won any awards for that one.......but she should have. Just for looking like an honest, 20 lbs overweight (by fashion standards) regular woman. I should be so young and look that good.

    Her boss (that English "Hugh" guy) looked great - funny, too.



  • Englishman

    Her Ladyship insisted that we rent this one after she saw it twice at the cinema.

    Wonderful stuff!

    I believe that the heroine is actually an American, she had me fooled with that flawless Brit accent, I saw her in "The Batchelor" last night and true enough, she ain't no English rose.


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • waiting

    The guy I work with read where "Bridgette" lived for about a year in England before shooting the film. She matched Hugh Grant great for accent, eh?

    Her body, hair, face, sure took a change between Bridgette and The Batchelor, didn't they? Sure gave me incentive to keep to my diet - which I didn't do today, btw.

    Btw, saw The Bandits today with Bruce Willis today. Pretty funny - worth the tickets.


  • Princess

    It's Renee Zelwigger(sp) and she is a Texan! I heard the Brits were impressed with her accent. I can't wait to see it. I was going to rent it tonight but too tired to drive the half mile to Blockbuster. I loved the book though.


  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    I'll have to rent it! I too searched for Waiting's posts. I hadn't seen you for awhile and was wondering where and how you were!!
    Fell in love with Renee Z. in Jerry McGuire.
    Glad to see you are alive and kicking Waiting!! And still have that great sense of humor. If Waiting says it is good that is good enough for me.

  • Thirdson


    It is a good movie. You should read the two books they are really, really funny. I obtained a copy of the British book from my parents before it was published in the US. I took it to read while I waited in line for 3 hours at the INS (just to get a stamp in my passport).

    Anyway, there were some points I had to stop reading because I could hardly hold back the roaring laughter!

    Since then the book has been published in the US and translated for a US readership. (weights are converted to pounds from stones as an example...I not sure how "getting savaged by Jeremy Paxman" can be translated or whether the context helps.)

    I obtained the follow up book last year in London just to get a British edition. Using Colin Firth to play Mark D'arcy presents some problems when it comes to making the film sequel though.


    'To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing'

  • Tina

    Hi waiting,
    I agre with you here,was an excellent book with lots of laffs. I loved the diary format.It was a fun read! thanks for bringing up a good book to lighten up lifes moments! Tina

    Jehovahs Witnesses,Proudly Serving Their Corporate Masters!

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