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    After over 18 years in the organiation, I finally grew up. As a grown up, I am able to make my own decisions and take responsibility for what I believe. The flip-flopping of the WTS is dangerous to itself. How many people have grown sick and tired of its controlling ways? of the hypocrisy? of having to toe the party line? I knew not to voice my opinion but to parrot what was I was told.

    I think God for this board because I am only now researching the WTS history. I'm discovering things I wish I'd learned when I was studying. Now I am beginning to think for myself but I know I'm still programmed to think the Watchtower way.

  • *summer*

    Welcome to the forum, CHILD...

    It is not only about control. It is also about dictatorship and censorship altogether.

    I am sorry. An organisation who tells me I cannot surf the internet, or I cannot read a certain book, or I cannot do certain things in bed even with a spouse, only to name a very few...well...I soon have to draw my own conclusion. People in communist countries have more freedom than JWs.

    Keep reading on this forum. Keep searching. Read the book Crisis of Conscience. You will be amazed at your discoveries.

    God bless~

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    Telling me not to search apostate Web sites reminds me of a TV campaign a while ago. The teenager would tell his mother not to search his underwear drawer. This worked for a while, and then out of curiosity she checked there. And sure enough, there's the weed. The teenager was telling his mother not to look there because he did not want her finding his stash of weed.

    And it's the same with the Watchtower Society. They tell people not to look at sites made by people that were once Witlesses but who have had bad experiences with the organization or who woke up and saw things going on that were not congruent with the Bible. Often, once one person sees it, everyone else is going to look there and find it. The whole organization would fall apart. So, they have to make an unforgivable sin of apostasy (putting out the real truth about the organization) and make it a disfellowship offense to look at such material. Now, people are afraid to look in the "underwear drawer" because they are going to get in trouble.

    Since I did not like the way they treated me (way too many rules designed to quarantine me from fulfilling my personal needs), I have nothing to lose by looking in that underwear drawer. And, sure enough, there's the weed. And coke. And horse. And meth. And who knows what else. For sure, nothing they want people to see.

    I strongly recommend reading that Crisis of Conscience book. I also recommend checking out your search engine to see what other apostate Web sites come up and reading them, too. I think you will find few, if any, sites that praise the religion aside their own, and plenty that bash the religion to pieces. That is a sure sign of a scam. The religion is bogus if no one has anything good to say about it aside its leaders.

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    Welcome Child and continue to have your mind unnumbed here (is that a word?). I liked learning in my forties that the NWT (bibl) was a fraud and that appendix 1-d is total deception....feel free to look at histories of posts here as you can learn at lot....oompa

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    compound complex

    bttt - nearly your one-year anniversary, Child; please post more!



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