Paranormal Witness

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  • Clambake

    Does anyone watch this show? It literally scares the hell of out of me.

    Does anyone here have an interest in the paranormal, demonology , ghosts or general weird stuff. I know this is totally against what Christianity teaches but I kind of gives me hope of something beyond the grave.

    Anyone else have an interest in this stuff ?


    How do you define paranormal? Let's decide on a definition and go from there. I will say this, it's a big Universe out there. Even so, I think everything has an explanation. We may not hear of it during our lifetime, but it can be explained.


  • Viviane
    I know this is totally against what Christianity teaches but I kind of gives me hope of something beyond the grave.

    Ghost and witches are in the Bible. Why do you worry about what happens after you die?

  • Virran

    Never heard of that show but I'm terrified of paranormal things thanks to growing up with my JW mom who scared the crap out of us kids about the dangers of "the unknown". I still sleep with the bathroom light on when I'm all alone and I can't lay with my back towards the door, lol.

    I do believe in the afterlife, I don't believe that you'll just die and everything disappears. But I still do not want contact with anyone on the other side. I believe it's mostly demons that you'll get a hold of when trying to communicate. When us humans die we go straight up to the heavens, I don't believe God let some of us "get stuck in between" forced to roam old empty buildings.

    I see this show is on YouTube, I'm gonna check it out.

  • Ucantnome

    I've never seen the show that you mention. however I have watched a few horror movies and shows with supernatural things in them. often times I tend to find that they make me laugh.

    On occasions, two that I can think of, I've turned the programme off. One was a radio programme and the other a video on the computer. they seemed to reach some part of me that the others didn't.

  • HeyThere

    I havn't watched the show...and I've generally been a skeptic of these types of things, and ghosts, etc...until recently.

    At the risk of sounding like a nutter, I will share a little about my experience, which, unless I had experienced it myself, i wouldn't believe.

    Recently, someone very close to me died. It was rather sudden, yet expected, due to the situation of it being a late diagnosed disease that left then hospitalized for the last weeks of their life. I was one of the few people who basically lived at the hospital with them to the end, and thus was there when they died.

    Numerous things have occurred since the time of death that have changed my mind. Nothing scary. Really, it has been more comforting. And the experiences have been had by multiple people, including myself, who were the closest to this person.

    Individually, each occurrence would have been attributed to coincidence. However, the sheer number is undeniable. This person seems to be communicating still with her loved ones. Children, parents, close friends and family have all had experiences, some occurring when several such people were together. It's been fascinating.

  • Clambake

    There is a case right now in Indiana about a boy walking up a wall and ceiling. At first they thought it was just some strung out crack mother and the kids were just performing for her but it was later witnessed a nurse and social worker.

    The story was later picked up by BBC world , Fox news, ABC. There seems to be a certain level of credibility to it.

    Who knows.

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