initial and final sealing of the anointed ones

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  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    I raised once the following topic but it was my very first post and, not being familiar with the etiquette, I hijacked one of Blondie's threads. Apart from the fact that doing so was inappropriate, I thought that it can provide matter for a thread of its own. Here it is :

    We find in the jan 1st 2007 WT issue a Question from readers article which deals with the (so called) initial and final sealing of the anointed ones. The WTS has contrived these notions whereby the anointed people in the past got an initial sealing from the Holy Spirit at some stage in their lifetime and, afterward, got a final sealing just before their death, after they successfully went over plenty of trials. Now, we find in the article that the remaining remnant, i.e. those who will eyewitness the GT, are treated differently and much more softly since they will get their definitive sealing BEFORE the beginning of the GT and therefore, before they will have undergone any serious trial.

    The point of this thread is not to give an appreciation on whether these sealings exist or not or, supposing they exist, if they are justified, but to point out that it looks as if these members of the remaining remnant, in the system they have set up, try to secure for themselves a snug salvation and heavenly reward without experiencing much trouble, whereas anointed JWs in past days were required, if necessary, to give away their lifes to prove their faithfulness. One can't but be puzzled by such a discrimination within the JW theological construction.

  • Honesty

    Get ready for some more...

    Yep, you guessed it...


    Give it another year or two and the "Faithless Slavers" will have a Flash of Light and say that all of the 'annointed' go to heaven BEFORE the Big A.

    That solves several problems for them:

    1. The GT can be hundreds or thousands of years off and they still ahve their theology intact 'in a sense' if you know what I mean.

    2. The GB can be filled with non 'annointed' a$$kissers elders who can be directed by the 'annointed' from heaven.

    3. It will be proved that spies people like us just didn't want to 'wait on Jehover' and 'ran ahead of his organization' and will not be resurrected into the pair-o-dice thrown by the FDS.

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    Give it another year or two and the "Faithless Slavers" will have a Flash of Light and say that all of the 'annointed' go to heaven BEFORE the Big A.

    Good bargain for the WTS : as the number of those who claim to be anointed is increasing, and since we can assume they don't feel for dying rising to heaven shortly, that leaves many years ahead before A, in fact a limitless time. Too bad for the starving ones. Let's wait and see if your prophecy comes true, Honesty.

  • the dreamer dreaming
    the dreamer dreaming

    according to JW Belief System-- he who endures to the END will be saved, so there can be no offical ending of the annoited being sealed until they all make it... if one should fall just before the big A...then another would have to be chosen to fill the A hole.

  • still_in74
    Give it another year or two and the "Faithless Slavers" will have a Flash of Light and say that all of the 'annointed' go to heaven BEFORE the Big A.

    They said this 15 years ago! I just discussed this in another thread. Years ago the WT had an article about the Nethinem. (thanks Sir82) These were non-Levites that worked in the tabernacle when there were not enough Levites around.

    The whole point was that the WTS could be run by other sheep if all the 144k die off. this point never seemed to catch on with ppl's thinking though, even the WT seemed to forget about and continued eluding to the age of the annointed and the small number eventhough they had effectively taken any signifigance to either of those away.

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