For the Lurkers: The Kindness of "Strange...

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  • Esmeralda

    If you've been reading and feeling badly about the posts of the last 2 days, don't let it damage your faith in the kindness of people, JW, "Worldly" or "Apostate". There are good folks in all three catagories.

    Don't let it chase you away from asking questions, doing research, seeking support, doing whatever it takes to come to decisions that you can live with regarding your faith. Whether those conclusions are to stay in the organization or leave it.

    The number of kind people here far outweigh the have-nots and sour grapes. For every one who says "Well I was destitute and no one helped me!" there are two or three who say "Yeah, been there. Will do what I can to help, even if only a little."

    Anyway, I hope that this thread will not degrade as others have in the past day. If it does, please keep in mind my original intention in posting it. Which is simply to say that there is a lot of kindness in the world. Don't let the vindictiveness of the few cancel out the sincerity of the many.

    Thanks too to my many friends who have contacted me in the past 24 hours off and on the board in various threads/letters. You've become very adept at seeing approaching "burn-out" and me and have helped to make the "crash" part of crash and burn a lot more bearable. I love you guys!

    Thanks for reminding me its okay to recharge my batteries.


  • Angharad

    Well said Essie

  • Xena

    bttt...this one deserves to stay at the top!

  • Ranchette

    If lurkers don't like what they are seeing at present they can also
    do searches on topics of interest and go back through hundreds of pages full of great stuff.

    Also you can click on the little piece of paper icon of your favorite posters contained in their profiles and see every thread they have written.
    No matter what's going on,there's plenty of wonderful info at their fingertips.


  • Bgurltryal

    Do not let the judgements of a persons character based on one or two threads become fact either.

  • Cassiline



    When the pain of being where we are, becomes greater than our fear of letting go...we will risk and heal and grow.

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