Parents who left 'the truth', here's an example of the threats that your children will no longer be subjected to

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  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    13 Some youths brought up by Christian parents may not see the stark contrast between our current spiritual paradise and Satan’s dark world. Some have even been tempted to see what life in the world is like. But would you run in front of a moving car just to find out how painful —and possibly fatal— that could be? Of course not! "

  • ctrwtf
    Or...would you join a mind control cult that promotes poverty and advocates for the mass destruction of innocents? Just to find out what a disaster your life could become? Of course not!
  • OrphanCrow
    Some have even been tempted to see what life in the world is like. But would you run in front of a moving car just to find out how painful —and possibly fatal— that could be? Of course not!

    The question is loaded - it directs the viewer to a negative consequence when none exists.

    Another way to word the question would be:

    "But would you get inside a car and go for a drive to check out the scenery just to find out how beautiful and satisfying a ride in the country is? Of course you would!"

  • Xanthippe

    Defender of Truth, you're right I'm so thankful that I managed to leave before I had my daughter and she hasn't been subjected to all these threats. Trying to prevent her going to university or make normal friends or have birthdays.

    So happy I didn't subject my little girl to that, but sometimes I forget and grumble because life isn't perfect and she has relatives that shun her. Life's so much better than it would have been had I had to drag her to meetings and force her to be weird while at school. Thanks for the reminder.

  • 2+2=5

    The debauched and wicked lifestyle that the world loves.

    Playing Billiards with friends?

    Sure, seems harmless enough......... WRONG!!!

    Billiards with friends always looks like a good time, but your mind-controlled, cultish conscience will hound you for enjoying yourself instead of devoting time your time to theocratic activities.

    And all JW's know Sky Daddy is just itching to slaughter those who even think about enjoying violence. Makes sense.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    The Org has allowed the R&F a false sense of freedom. They think its OK to be like the world, ie: "Happy at Bethel" video, but when the GB want control they pull the reigns on the sheeple to make them halt and obey. Hitler knew if you focus the hatred of followers on a group or people, the worldlings in this case, you can control your followers. Start with the kids, brilliant really. In a sick and creepy cultist way.
  • steve2
    The analogy is so warped - but it is vivid and memorable. One could picture JWs finding it a compelling example and citing it with pride...amd JW parents sternly warning their wayward children with it.
  • millie210

    Even back when I was fully in, I felt at times that being a JW made being a good parent harder.

    Sometimes a good parent needs to let a child experience a negative in some small way to learn how life works.

    Lets say for purposes of illustration, that maybe your teen sneaks out to a party where there is drinking and smoking going on.

    Rather than sit down and have a conversation where you can ask them what they thought about things and help them process it all in a way that reflects your values as a parent - you are supposed to call the elders!

    And hurry! Before one of the other kids or parents does and your kids get in trouble from tattle telling!


    I raised all my kids in the truth with minor scrapes but I always hated that part of parenting as a JW. The feeling that I could never just deal with minor teen events without negotiating potential white water with other parents or the elders.

    It was always hanging over my head through those teen years like some witness version of the sword of Damocles.

  • Vidiot

    Well said, millie.

    The pros of raising kids out of "The Truth" far outweigh the cons.

    I had a similar conversation with my wife just a couple days ago; she asked me "is parenting so hard because we're no longer JWs?" I responded with, "would you rather we get our kids to behave by threatening them with being killed at Armageddon?" (paraphrased, but that's the gist).

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