An Image of their Empire, the Comprehensive Concordance Book

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  • NotaNess

    Found this book online. The attached photo with the image of the buildings, tells me "Look at our empire", it almost gives me the feel of like the UN Headquarters.

    Any problems with this book?

    Another question: The Interlinear translation books by the Watchtower....anyone have anything to say about it, it's accuracy and things like that?

  • nvrgnbk


  • jgnat

    The shot appears to be the inside front cover. Are you telling me the title is "Comprehensive Concordance"?

    As far as the interlinear goes, I understand in the New Testament, especially around words like "Lord" and worship/obeisance, there are liberties taken.

  • oompa

    JGNAT, I have only found the GS/purple bible to use lord for lord, unlike NWT where it is changed to Jehovah. I have not checked worship yet, but for sure the NWT often changes that to obiesence when talking about Jesus so he wont be worshiped.


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