Well what a hypocrite!

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  • dobbie

    Can't believe it, i have been shunned by my hubbys family for d'aing and no other 'offence', and one of the members who i have mentioned before told me if i left they'd still speak etc and then went back on it, turns out they have been cheating with different partners(men and women) for over two years, yet only last week this person told my hubby i'd done wrong by leaving and so they couldn't associate with ME! Also she is staying with her jw best friend despite this and none of her friends are shunning her but are really pally!, if she doesn't get d'fd for this when she's admitted it could happen again i will go mad! Sorry but i think this is such a joke, all this time and making me feel bad and this person is up to this behind her hubbys and kids backs! Bet she gets off scot free....

  • BFD

    Maybe she's doing the elders?

    Shun her ass.


  • dobbie

    Hope not, she's related to most of them! Bet they enjoyed hearing all about it though! Yep the nasty side of me hopes she is d'fd and then gets what to see what its like!

  • dedpoet

    You're thread is well titled dobbie!

    Kind of ironic, isn't it? You did the honest thing, from your standpoint,
    by da'ing because you didn't want to be part of the watchtower any longer,
    yet this person is, presumably still a jw in good standing, while regularly
    breaking "the rules", and you're the one who gets shunned!

  • dobbie

    Exactly dedpoet! I said to hubby that i wanted to be honest and not live a lie etc which was why i had to leave it, whereas she's been acting the good christian all this time whilst actually living this double life! One good thing though is that hubby said if they let her stay after she's said it could happen again (so she's obviously not sorry for it) he will be disgusted and will send his d'a letter in! Here's hoping!


    Not much difference between what I did & my Ex. The elders expected me to apologize for living in my Ex's house for a couple of weeks after our divorce and I didn't think it was wrong, so I didn't feel a need to apologize. So, they threw me out. My Ex, on the other hand, apologized just so he wouldn't get DF. What a whimp...couldn't even stand up on his own two feet and do what he really felt was right. As far as I know, he's out of the BORG now too. I don't know it officially, but either way...he hasn't been attending meetings anymore for the past year.

    Anyway, there is alot of hypocrisy going on among the JW's. Too many are getting away with things, but hey....you know what? GOD SEE'S IT ALL! We will all be judge by HIM and no one else. AMEN!


  • JK666


    It is amazing how a JW lying in the gutter can look down on others. I agree with BFD, shun this flake back. Also, about doing the elders, they say incest is best.


  • Hortensia

    one of the things I found out after I faded from the org. is how many of them are living double lives. I knew most of the teens and young folks were, at least in our area, but I found out about the elders and ministerial servants and the lives they lead when no JW is looking. Uh-huh, true religion my ass.

  • erynw
    Also, about doing the elders, they say incest is best.

    No...it's not.

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