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    I might need some laser focus with this, an email to send to Investagative Division of UK Gov' Charity Commission, for attn of: Anita Kelly

    The members of the congregations do not in the UK have to carry ID when going from door to door except if they were soliciting for funds.

    Using the WT language however, it is not supposed to be the witnesses, (publishers), who are the voiceboxes for the organisation, rather, it is the Watchtower and Awake! magazines themselves which are the spokespeice for the organisation.

    On that technicality I wish to refer to the Nov 1st article in the Watchtower 2001 page 27-30.

    Here within these pages is a very simple solicitation for funds from all and sundry, publishers and householders alike. Surely, although the method might be different, the desired outcome of the organisation remains the same, i.e. getting money out of people.

    Would this possibly be enough to take back to the charity commission via English Court Law to enforce carrying of Identification Cards?

    Any assistance from UK side, or from those experienced in UK law for email to charity commission would be most helpful.


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