Blood Transfusion V Abortion!

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  • Gill

    Which 'crime' does the WTBTS consider to be the most serious?

    Does it consider Abortion to be more serious an offence than accepting a blood transfusion?

    I ask this because my understanding is that in certain circumstances, ie an ectopic pregnancy etc where the mother would die if the pregnancy continued, the WT does not condemn removing the embryo. Yet the Bible clearly condemns anyone who would damage a developing child within its mother.

    The WTBTS condemns accepting blood transfusions under any circumstances at all!

    Abortion tends to end the life of an embryo / foetus and potentially saves the life of the mother.

    Blood transfusions only SAVE life, when they work, which is more often than not, and blood transfusions are not even mentioned in the Bible.

    So which 'sin' does the WTBTS consider the most serious?

  • diamondblue1974

    If I was on a committee at Bethel I would submit that question to the governing body for consideration - it would keep em busy in a conundrum for at least a decade! lol


  • Rooster

    What does the Christian Greek scriptures teach? Who gives a rats arse what the WTBTS thinks or teaches? The witchtower teaches/advocates modern day Judaism.

  • worldtraveller

    I'm sorry that I don't understand why Witnesses are so afraid to end their lives. Is it perhaps that deep down they really believe it's all a bunch of bull s---? If life is soo good on the other side, then why wait? I mean are you really convinced or not? They should be able to live it as well as teach it, right? (This issue irritates me-sorry).

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