Our belief system now called?

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  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    What are JW Discussion Forum.com beliefs called?

    answer; Freedom After Captive Tyranical Servitude, FACTS for short.

    Any other thoughts?

  • sweetface2233

    How about refreshment? That's how I've felt about this site, MOST of the time, since finding it.

  • Gopher

    Applied Practical Orderly Sensible Thought After "Truth" Extinguished (APOSTATE)

  • JK666

    My own, thank God!


  • greendawn

    What the ex JWs posting here believe is not homogeneous but if there is a common denominator that could be described as a mentally liberating thing eg liberating expanded persective over religion and life.

    A zooming out so as to see the larger picture.

  • cultswatter

    The teachings of TOTO the super dog

  • SirNose586


  • WTWizard

    People are free now. This is what true freedom is. Some go back to church, and that is just fine. Others become atheists and antitheists. We are free to practice fully integrated honesty, which beats truth that can be taken out of context. And yet no one is going to force anyone to practice fully integrated honesty with the threat of disfellowshipping or other sanctions.

    Another thing we are free to do is use independent sources to back up (or deny) viewpoints. We are not limited to just JWD sources--or just religious sources, for that matter. When in doubt, it is in fact best to look up at least three independent sources, at least one on each side, so you can form your own conclusion. And by recommending (though hardly requiring) this, it becomes impossible to form another cult or cult-like organization like the Watchtower Society Part 2.

  • 38 Years
    38 Years

    WWW - Whatever We Want

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    As an Xjw, I am an xist.

    I xist, therfore I am, I think.

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