So i goes to the local bar last night...

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  • bluesbreaker59

    Sorry for the Thorogood reference, had to...

    Anyway, last night I went to dinner with a buddy of mine at the local bar and grill, and told him that he probably shouldn't be seen in public with me, for fear of him being DF'd. He said he didn't care, that we've always been friends and always will be. He has faded for the last year, and hasn't turned in a time slip, or given a talk in over a year, and hasn't been to a meeting in 8 months. His older brothers were some of my closest friends growing up. BUT, last night I KNEW, that my area of town is totally JW country, and lots of them go out to eat.

    Sure as shit, we get to the restaurant, sit down, and order our food, and right beside us gets seated a JW mother and her daughter that is "hit and miss", and has slept with LOTS of men, though she's never had a committee on it, and remains a fringe witless. Now her daughter knows me, I totally had the hots for her back in the day, and she kept staring over at me, but I don't know if she recognized me with my full beard. Then this ladies recently reinstated son and daughter in law came in!!! He is the same age as my buddy, and totally was staring at him, like he knew him.

    So we finish eating, and get up and walk out of the place, and go back to my place to watch the game. My buddy is freakin out, and he's like, I've been fading for over a year, and have NEVER SEEN ONE DUB, I go out with you and we get seated right next to em. I told him not to worry, his brother and I have dirt on their "hit and miss" daughter. A couple weeks before "princess" got married, she was still sleeping with his older brother!!! Needless to say, her marriage ended in divorce, but for other reasons. Her fling was never found out.

    Oh yeah and yesterday I got shunned twice too!!! Great day for being an ex-Dub!!! I'm so used to it now, I just smile really wide at them, make strong eye contact, and then turn my head.

  • megsmomma

    Blues....I am sure that shunning you has made up for any indescretions they may have made in the, they can feel good about themselves, since they are following the societies rules.

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