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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    back online. That's the good news.

    I had taken it offline while I did what I thought would be a moderately big editing job and redesign. It is going to take much longer than I thought. So I have put the old site - the old old site back online The bad news is that while I am working on it the one on the website might have a lot of broken links.

    In the meantime I will be busy working away trying to get the new site functional.

    Recently a few posters have let me know they appreciate the site and the work on it. At least now there is something to see if you go there

  • Leolaia

    Thank you very much for the notification! :)

  • tfjw

    Thanks for the link Lady Lee. I'm glad to see this.

    Now if Leolaia had a site that would be great too with all the fantastic research both of you have done and provided so many great resources. :)

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    There you go leolaia. A request for your own website.

    When I do get my updated site posted it will contain a lot of new things and be more user friendly.

  • tfjw


    I always wanted to bump a thread.

  • nvrgnbk

    Thank you, LL.

    I checked it out and it looks informative and helpful.

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