Initiatory Force Used By JWs

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  • WTWizard

    Perhaps you haven't realized it, but the average JW will, in the course of a typical day, initiate the use of force, coercion, or fraud (or all of the above) many times through the day, in behalf of the Watchtower Society. This is often difficult to see how, when the Watchtower Society drills it into people's heads that this is The Truth. But, especially for the benefit of anyone who is headed into the organization and thinks this is The Truth, let's look at some ways force, threat of force, and/or fraud is initiated in the course of Witnessing.

    Let's start with the meetings. Just going in looking and acting happy on behalf of the organization is initiatory fraud. You are presenting a fake image for the sole purpose of getting people to think this is such a wonderful organization. No, if you are genuinely happy and show it, that is not initiating fraud. However, if you are not happy and fake it just to put on the show, you are in fact initiating fraud in behalf of the Tower.

    When you comment, you are also initiating fraud, and often threat of force, on behalf of the Watchtower Society. Why? If you are commenting on how wonderful something is, or repeating a lie in the paragraph, you are contributing to the illusion that the organization is so loving and so wonderful. If you comment about how anyone not believing is going to get destroyed soon, you are initiating threat of force on Jehovah's part on behalf of the organization. The implied message is that people who are not yet in had better get in, and fast, or they are going to die. This is initiatory fraud because it is a lie, and threat of force because you are implying a death threat to those who are not yet in and/or making quick progress (yes, if people are thinking of getting out and are threatened like this to make them stay, that is also threat of initiatory force).

    People that give talks are generally initiating threat of force and fraud on behalf of the Watchtower Society. Any talk where the speaker is telling non-members that they had better get in, or current members that they had better stay, or die, amounts to a death threat. It matters not whether it is direct, or it's worded where "Jehovah will soon destroy those outside the organization". You are making a death threat on behalf of the Watchtower Society against anyone who is not in the organization or is thinking of leaving.

    Nowhere does this get worse than when you go out in service. Every time you fake happiness on behalf of the Watchtower Society, or place literature promising perfection if they come into the organization or better happiness for those who come in, you are initiating fraud on behalf of the Watchtower Society. Most of those magazines, and every single book, also has the death threat that all non-believers (both those who never came in and those who left) are going to get destroyed to make room for the "paradise", which is initiatory threat of force. Also, it is initiatory fraud because they portray a happy people when in fact the people are going to be stagnant, always being told what to do. And you get to do this hundreds of times per day. Every time you fake a smile for the Watchtower Society in front of someone in an attempt to "make a witness", you are in fact playing into the Tower's initiatory fraud.

    So where does initiatory force come in? Primarily, Jehovah uses that. He withholds good things from those who need them, making them prime targets for the scam, and if that fails, He coerces them back with calamity. The Tower capitalizes on it by insinuating that random fluctuations are punishments intended to coerce the person back. And there is the force that He is supposedly going to use at Armageddon. Occasionally, family members will initiate some kind of force to harass members that have left (just ask Danny Haszard about their initiatory force of slashing his tires on occasion). Then there is initiatory force that people or families will take to get a person to not "stray"--like just about forcing a person to visit them when they have been studying a month or 6 weeks, so they will not celebrate a holiday (or, in extreme cases, to get the person to live with that Witless family to "save their lives"). Any attempt at recapturing a member that has volitionally walked out is initiatory force. Also, any attempt to harass apostates (like egging a house that is decorated for Christmas or slashing Danny Haszard's tires) is initiatory force.

    The message is clear. Those who are still trapped in and seeking out, just keep trying to fade out. You will need to seek the opportune time. In the meantime, you are a victim of an organization initiating force, coercion, and/or fraud to force you to do the same. Anyone who didn't know any better is the victim of initiatory fraud (that is, a scam). But, if anyone who is securely out and thinking of going back or is studying or thinking of studying, watch out! This organization will initiate death threats (that is, getting destroyed at Armageddon) to get you to defraud and threaten the public into the organization. And that falls against the one absolute rule that a healthy society has.

    Again, that rule is "No initiatory force, threat of force, or fraud is to be used by an individual, organization, or government against an individual or his property". The Watchtower Society is guilty of all the above, and would like you to break this rule. Don't fall for it--it's a scam that will ruin your life, and ruin any children's hope for happiness that you may have, if you fall for it.

  • bluebell

    thats why i stopped "witnessing" - i got fed up of telling people that they would be happy if they followed the beliefs of the dubs when i was so unhappy. it felt hypocritical. the elders didn't have much of an argument against that one!

  • greendawn

    I also gave up on the JWs because I couldn't believe in their leaders and society, there was no point in bringing anyone into this mess of false expectations, dictatorial rule and possible future shunning or even death through refusal of a blood transfusion.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political [theocratic] bands which have connected them with another, and to assume, among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind [those JWs emboldening themselves to speak out] requires that THEY SHOULD DECLARE THE CAUSES [emphasis mine] which impel them to the separation ... But when a long train of abuses and usurpations [Rutherford et al to date], pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is THEIR RIGHT, it is THEIR DUTY [emphasis mine], to throw off such [theocratic] government, and to provide new guards for their future security. [...]

    From The Declaration of Independence [my apologies to its
    Framers and Signers for liberties taken, however sincerely so.]

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, Wizard:

    Guilty as charged. I thought faking happiness was just displaying a positive attitude. You've given me lots to ponder.

    Please see the following link re: the September 8, 1987 AWAKE! [not 8/8/87 as I mistakenly posted originally]. The heading, "If Your Church Fails to Act, Will You?," leads into a discussion as to why individuals [exempting JWs, of course] should complain, and more, if they are not happy with what is being said and done by their fellow church members.


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