My babylon the great decoded moment.

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  • 5go

    Forgive me I am on a mania high there I said I am crazy.

    Forgive this topic !

    The wackiness starts below this line.

    Babylon the Great = Judism

    The Wild Beast = Orthodox / Catholic churches

    The two horned beast from the caves = Islam

    The image of the Beast = Protestant Churches

    OK Judism really got it's start in Babylon. (See The way of the Rabbi)

    Christrianity owes it's existance to Judism. Who rode the roman empire (see Josephus on his role in Vespasian's rise to power) then later the catholic church because, Jesus was a Jew; and Jews were god's chosen at one time.

    The church then later reinterrupts the bible accounts in the gosipel to in turn portray the Jews as aiding in Jesus death, antisemitsm then erupts. They do this because certain Jews have made their way into certain powerful places and they choose to fight the christians for power. The christians wanted to take over the roman empire. So they decide the honeymoon with the Jews is over. The catholic church did suceed in taking the roman empire making them the beast. I should clear this up the roman empire's political and belief center which still exists under the roman catholic church's control is the beast.

    Islam comes out of no where form the caves of the middle east. It leads to a revival of greek thought and a new method of study which leads to the rise of science and scisms in christianity. It has two capitols mecha and medina or only two major sects Shi'ite and Sunni. Hence why it is the two horned beast.

    Protestantism is just really an image of catholism created from the use of the study method introduced by the muslims. Though that it has cut all ties with catholism other than their belief in Jesus as god. So that would make the the image of the beast given the breath of life from the two horned beast. I should aslo clear this up to simular to rome the west is still unlyingly controled by it's churches.

    Which also explains how it is, yet isn't; but will be. The return of fundementalist control of the nations is coming yet, it has been there all along !

    Ok now that this crap is out of my head I can go on with life Thanks please Forgive Me !

  • tula

    and that makes Algore the false prophet....the head wound (ego) you know. he will be resurrecting with power soon.

    Just watch. He will be stepping up to the plate. Not as pres.--he doesn't chew his gum twice.

    He will be spokesperson for the united world to solve globalwarming.

  • 5go
    the head wound

    My best guess for the would be germany's reuniting.

    I am an atheist so I don't care. Like I said mania moment.

  • Leolaia

    Oh I got it, I got it!

    Babylon the Great = Britney Spears

    The Wild Beast = Kevin Federline

    The two horned beast from the caves = Lindsey Lohan

    The image of the Beast = Paris Hilton

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