Is AIDS/HIV a Man Made Disease?

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  • The-Borg

    Has anyone read the books of Dr Alan Cantwell? Is the evidence credible?

    He asserts that HIV is a man made disease introduced into the gay community in the late 1970's in New York and in 1980/81to West coast cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. It was then rolled out to Africa via vaccination programs.

    There is speculation that other emerging disease such as Morgellons Disease is the result of similar bio wafare research programs.

  • lonelysheep


    Do you ever read Skeptical Inquirer Magazine?

    It's a "brilliant" virus, and one that I cannot ever see being man-made.

  • Paralipomenon

    I just read his article on it. Far too much speculation, very little fact or logical reasoning.

    The reason AIDS is such a killer in Africa is that there are large Muslim communities there (45% of Africa is Muslim). Condoms are forbidden by Islam as well as some Christian branches. Also, under muslim law there needs to be 4 male witnesses to a sexual assault (rape) and strangely, in many cases the victim is charged with adultery if they are unable to produce enough witnesses.

    So rapes are frequent and unreported and with condoms forbidden rapes take place without protection.

    Given how quickly it spread through the gay community until there was a public notice for safe sex, it is not surprising how quickly it is spreading in Africa.

    I'm sure it makes a great theory, but I'm sticking with the one that has some hard facts to back it up. The rapid spread of AIDS in Africa is due to social and religious factors.

    In order to convince me, there would need to be scientific breakdown of the virus showing man made alterations to specifically target certain racial genomes.

  • OICU8it2

    Remember the slogan "Aids Cures Fags"? ?

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