Critics Choice: A JW WindowsLive Spaces Statement

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  • NotaNess

    His Home Page Statement is:

    I'm a huge black guy, but if you talked to me on the phone, you'd think i was lying. I'm a Jehovah's Witness, and my god Jehovah is very important to me. I'm just an easy-going, fun-loving guy i guess. Turn your life upside down and see what falls out, then laugh cuz when you turn it back over its empty. Thats a new start, not an ending, take life as it comes, and be happy... at least your not dead, ya?

    Now I have to take notice here. Is not God for all? Just not everyone accepts. Is this God HIS possession? Can he own God? Will God answer to him?

    He also says, he'll "Read just about anything you put it in his hands", so please someone, anyone please get him started with some nice material to read. The kind of stuff that "sets people free". Hurry quick before a lurking snoop contacts him first.


    His site address:

  • Ex Nihilo
    Ex Nihilo

    Windows live spaces and other photo sites are awesome to post pictures of yourself as well! Especially if you're a smashed flat out obvious in a photograph drunk.

    I sometimes see drunk party pictures in the same reel as convention ones...they could at the LEAST make it friends only.

    I don't understand the reasoning for declaring faith online like that, it seems to invite things that they find undesirable....unless they need more hours, that might be a reason.

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