Final letter to Dad before he gives the Sept KM QB tomorrow.

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    Dad, Roy Myers had the part. The direct statement from the faithful slave that they do "not endorse any literature..." was never mentioned, was never read, and no one, including me commented on it. So that is one way to handle the part. I have prayed about this matter, meditated upon it, and read it repeatedly. The paragraph that contains the "new information" on what to study, and I say that because as you have already noted, prior instruction was just to avoid apostate information, has 4 references to what Jehovah provides. "Jehovah provides" this, "Jehovah provides" that..., prior to the sentence on what the slave does not endorse. That is why the sentence starts with "Thus" which is like, "We are provided abundantly by Jehovah with all the information we need, therefore, we do not endorse any other information. If you do want to study more, use WT publications. The faithful slave almost never says, "don't do this" or "you can't do that" it generally say "we recommend" this or that. Dad, that is the gist of the material, other than the answer to the question that they also do not endorse small groups getting together on their own to study. Yesterday, I remembered a scripture while riding my motorcyle to Charleston. Jesus spoke about small groups getting together at Matt 18: 20 "For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there I am in their midst." I know this would not apply apply if peoples motives were not proper, but man can not read heart motivation. I find it very interesting that the first thing mentioned that these groups may have studied is information that would help check the accuracy of the New World Translation. It is screaming out to me that if it was truly accurate to the best of their ability, then the faithful slave could have no problem with ANYBODY checking it's accuracy, because it would stand up to such examination, and the small group would have to be encouraged by it's accuracy. But apparently that is not the case. I Love You Very Much!

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