Hard Rock @ Bethel :-D

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  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    This is a new version of the Bethel dance video. I think it's awesome.


  • violias
    Thanks for posting this. I just viewed it and it is hilarious.
  • JakeM2012
    Too funny.
  • clarity
    Right on buddy! Thanks for the laugh.
  • little_Socrates

    Much better than the origional! The dancing fits this song MUCH better than the other song.

    I am really really starting to get tired of the happy song.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    A classic mash up. Brilliant.
  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant
    I watched it again...it is so funny! Normally I don't like finnish hard rock, but it is really great in this video! :.-D
  • Dagney
    That's hilarious. Hahaha!
  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    Be sure to spread it around. It deservers a lot of wiewers!

    I hope some people in Brooklyn will watch it! :-)

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