"Jesuit Destroyers" in Consolation (1941)

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  • cabasilas

    I had heard that Rutherford was vehemently anti-Catholic, but I'm still amazed at some of the stuff he had printed against the Catholic Church. Charles Chasson has recently posted online the November 26, 1941 Consolation which contains the first part of an article entitled "Jesuit Destroyers." It's at:


    It's subtitled: "Who Plotted the Death of our Martyred Presidents?"

    Gives a bit more background as to why some Catholics were unfriendly towards Rutherford. Has anyone every read this before? This article was part 1. I'm curious what other buffoonery is in part 2?

    Also in this issue is the article "The Return of the Princes." It mentions Beth-Sarim. All in all, one of those classic magazines.

  • Leolaia

    I find it funny how, before he left Bethel, Olin Moyle was asked: "Are you a Jesuit?" As if he were a Jesuit shill planted within the organization in order to subvert it. The Jesuits, after all, were behind the coming "destruction of America" and what had already happened to Germany and Italy, turning them into Catholic-led totalitarian states.

    Lots of other great anti-Catholic quotes from the Golden Age (including an endorsement from the KKK) can be found here: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/11/115448/1.ashx

  • cabasilas


    I hadn't connected that before. That comment was asked of Moyle by W.P. Heath in front of the Board of Directors. It's in the Moyle Trial.

    For those who want to read more Consolation gems, here's a listing from a French site. The site is in French, but the PDF links are the English magazines:


    The same site has a listing for Golden Age magazines:


  • badboy

    It mentions Hell!

  • VM44

    The whole issue reads as if it was written by a fanatic!

    Even the "comments" made in the news reports are extremely non-objective.

    I can see why Knorr had to tone down the magazine after he took charge in order to make it more respectable.


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