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  • bobld

    The FDS/GB claim they speak and intepret the Bible correctly.EX.Jan01/07 WT,"John saw in vision the announing of the sealing of the 144k.Than he saw "a great crowd".The identity of the great crowd is revealed to John by one of the 24 elders,and these elders represent the 144k joint heirs with Christ in their heavenly glory."note:John was on Earth in 98C.E. when the elder spoke to him in vision per FDS/GB.However, the FDS/GB pinpoint the 1st resurrection of the 144k started in 1918 C.E.So how can someone(144k) gave a vision when he/she was not born?

    WT Oct/07 "View of the Bible-Long history of oppression by Christendom.EX. Catholic church dominated virtually every aspect of peoples life.Anyone who dared to disagree with the church risked torture and even execution.Also Protestant churches restricted personal freedom, harsh discipline and were oppressive." WHAT TWO FACED B%&[email protected] THE FDS/GB.look what the FDS?GB have done....Killed many for their wishy-washy stand on Blood/Organ transplants.DF people of they disagree with FDS/GB hypocrites.Also that same WT mentioned "The Bible does not set out a long list rules rather it sets out basic Bible principles.Few enjoy having to live according to a list of dos and don't". Now if that don't get your goat I don't know sunshine.A looooooooonnnnnnnnnnnng list of dos and don't is FDS/GB 1ST 2ND 3RD LAST NAME.Just a very short list of dos and don't per WTS..D.C.When to book a hotel room,which hotel,what to wear,what to eat,how big of a container,what you can put in the container,where to sit,when you can get in the facility,etc,etc,etc,.The FDS/GB SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU.

    FAILED PROPHECY.The Generation that saw 1914,The predictions of ths last days.(foreknowledge).The Faithtful and Discreet Slave Mt.24:47of 1935 ..spirit food in the last days.You see the last days are up for the FDS/GB.They are(FDS/GB is very old) gone zippo so who will feed the domestic in the last days.Oh,oh we are not in the last days.Enough bs .


  • bob1999

    Most references to the last days in the New Testament are talking about the fall of Jerusalem. Read Hebrews very carefully.

    They were in the last days.

    The coming of Christ in Matthew is not the second coming. It's the end of the old covenant, the completion of the new covenant. AD 70. Please read carefully.

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason



    When the NT writers were talking about the "last days" they were talking about their own time. When Jesus spoke about the generation that would see Jerusalem destroyed, he was talking about the people who were alive at that time.


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