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  • freyd

    Anybody have problems at Lenscrafters? I live 80 miles from Lenscrafters and I've been to them and their doctors 3 times in the last three weeks and they can't get it right. Asked if we could just do the whole thing by mail, but oh no, have to come in and get examined again. The bottom line is that I see better at distances without their glasses. They keep reducing the magnification. When I first went in they kept looking at what I currently had which wasn't right either. I think what it is is that they can't believe my eyes are stronger than 5 years ago which is due to nutrition. So are my teeth much to disappointment of two periodontists that said if I didn't fork over 5 grand that all my teeth would fall out. Guess what? Supplements work.

  • Shepherd Book
    Shepherd Book

    Unfortunately, optometrists can't alter your prescription via mail. You do have to go in there. Are there no close eye doctors' offices to your house? I used to work for an optometrists office and we would routinely have patients whose eyes improved since their last visit a year or two before. Think about it, if you come in to get your eyes examined, the doctor isn't going to get more money if you need a stronger prescription. Especially at Lenscrafters, where the doctor's office is a separate company from the store (he/she rents space from Lenscrafters), so the optometrist doesn't benefit by your purchase of glasses. Even if he did, the pricing between differences in prescription is pretty minimal. Ask a Lenscrafters employee next time you back and you'll see that the prices between prescription strengths in minimal. Anyway, I know it's a hassle. Every so often, we'd get people who would come back four or five times saying that their precriptions didn't seem right. I remember one lady came in about this time of year and her allergies were bothering her so bad that it was messing with her vision and we couldn't get an accurate 'reading' until after her allergies subsided. You're really making a spectacle of yourself! :)

  • poppers

    What kind of supplements do you take?

  • freyd

    primarily coral calcium and liquid colloidal minerals.

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