good hearted or just stupid?

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  • tula

    Many years ago I knew an elderly woman who lived on popcorn and barley grass. Her mantle was covered with pictures of children, all in nice frames. The photographs were xeroxed--not even a real print. I asked who they were. She smiled and said "those are all of my children." I knew she was a little whacky by then. I asked "where are they?" She said "they all live in different places. Actually, they are my adopted children." As the conversation progressed, I realized that she had been heavily contributing to all these scams like "save the children" "missions for africa" "sponsor an urchin" etc etc. She showed me letters "her children" had written her. They were xeroxed, too. Maybe her poor eyesight prevented her from realizing everything was xerox. After a few months, the letters were just duplicates of earlier letters. Even some of the photos were duplicates, but she framed them all.

    Many people here have also given lots of money to a fraudulent scam called the WBTS.

    So really, giving in good faith, somehow believing that we are/were doing something good and worthwhile to help our fellow human beings.....who is ultimately responsible for the misuse? Those who have duped us or we ourselves for being so gullable? If god judges the heart, would it be favorable to him...knowing that we meant good? Or would we be judged critically as not discerning what is right and true and not using the brains he gave us to full capacity?

  • Scully

    I've never been inclined to donate to those causes. I figure if they can afford a studio to record these videos, and can send their spokespeople all over the frikking world to appear in the videos, the money isn't really going to the people who actually need it.

    I'd much rather buy a box of Cheerios or a bunch of Kraft mac & cheese or something similar once a week and support the local Food Bank. I just feel better knowing that some bureaucrat isn't skimming any money off the top of what I'm donating.

  • writetoknow

    I don't think a person can be stupid with a good heart. Perhaps to those that live in fear of every looking stupid because someone so called took advantage of them. The person with a good heart never get taken advantage of - as the wonderful person mention in your post. Because there is more happiness in giving then recieving.

    Thank you for the wonderful story what an amazing person she was.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    In a will, a pioneer sister I know was given an expensive block of land by her rich elderly bible study. The family protested so she gave a "Witness" and signed it over to them. They were very grateful. This may happen alot.

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