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  • cultswatter

    That time is fast approaching when the WTS will reveal the partaker numbers for 2007.

    If you want to make a prediction then please go to this thread
    I want to make this fun so i thought maybe a prize should be offered for the person who comes closest to the real number.


    If you hit the number dead on then you will earn the Grand Master of the JWD Lodge award

    1 to 19 = Master of the JWD lodge award
    20 to 39 = Grand master of the Crown and Cross award
    40 to 59 = Master of the Crown and Cross award
    60 to 79 = Crown and Cross award
    80 to 99 = Sun God award
    100 to 199 = Master of the Pyramid award
    200 to 499 = Pyramid award
    500 to 999 = Honorary JWD award
    1000 to 1499 = JWD award
    1500 to 1999 = Free subscription to the Watchtower award
    2000 to 2999 = Free bible study with Jehovah's Witnesses award
    3000 to 4999 - A complimantary visit from the elders award
    5000 to 7999 = The honorary disfellowshipping award

  • Gopher

    test to bring this post forward in the list of topics

  • yaddayadda

    Wot do those numbers signify - the variance from the actual number of reported partakers?

    How many were there last memorial?

    I predict 8975.

  • tula


  • cultswatter

    Those numbers are the absolute difference between the actual number of partakers and the predicted number of partakers

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