NEW MEMBERS please introduce yourselves to get a welcome by all!

by restrangled 7 Replies latest jw friends

  • restrangled

    I have been gone several weeks and am shocked by the number of new members I don't recognize.

    Welcome to all! But please introduce yourself as the title suggests! Thanks in advance!

  • worldtraveller

    Greetings from the west coast of Canada. 'Till about a month ago I was studying this cult 'till I found some disturbing evidence. I have faith, but no religion, because everything I see is corrupt. I learned a lot about criminal activity, corruption, mind control, familys falling apart due to shunning, murder by denying transfusions and more. Because of this I returned all material and discontinued further discussion about the cult.

    Talk about false worship. Anyway there is way too many buzz words in this cult. As much as if you were working in a Home Depot.

    Here's to this forum! Kinda wierd, but interesting notwithstanding.

  • studier

    Hi...great now what...hmmm...I'm a studier as my name implies.

    brief stats: married christian with 5 kids who works as a domestic engineer 24/7 with an insatiable curiosity

    There! I did it! (y'all will have to keep in mind the company I keep) - only the smart ones will understand that comment


  • The-Borg

    We are the BORG and come from the Delta Quadrant. We relentlessly hunt down targets for assimilation into to our collective conciousness.

  • Warlock

    Since I'm new, and shy as well, thank you for the welcome.


  • snowbird

    emy infidel? OBVES? anymore???


  • dobbie

    I've got a new avatar to match my new evil personality, does that count?

    Welcome to all you new ones, i can't believe this time last year i was one, where's the time gone?!

    Look forward to reading all your posts.xx

  • restrangled

    Thanks all to new ones for responding....I have read some of your posts. Most of them are as painfull as the rest of us.

    Welcome, and may you find healing here at JWD! batwinged silly goose you, .......!


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