Opinions on refurbished laptops?

by carla 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • carla

    What do you think? Do refurbished laptops give you a little more bang for your buck or are you asking for problems?

    Note to my friend who helped with me a computer issue recently- does your company sell refurbished computers?

  • brinjen

    I bought a refurbished notebook a few months ago, it's been running pretty much constant since then without the slightest problem. Be wary though, do your research before hand and make sure you're not buying someone else's problem.

  • Terry

    The majority of "used" laptops have been dropped or otherwise abused. Go figure.

    The cheapest laptops imaginable are available on E-bay.

    However, don't overlook your local Pawnshop! Most Pawnshops now have a 30 day return policy. Drive your laptop around the block before making a firm commitment.

    If you have a reliable friend with who is computer thmart; have them check out your potential purchase before you buy.

    My son is on his 3rd laptop!

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