An agressive way to get the UN news out

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  • scary_goat2000

    Its obvious at this point that the WTS is covering this thing up.

    Here is an idea about how we might get the UN scandal out to the masses.

    Materials needed:
    1) 3'x5' UN flag (
    2) about 100 flyers that contain a brief explanation of the UN story and a pic of the UN resignation letter.

    Action Required:
    1) On a Saturday evening visit your local KH and attach the UN flag some place very visible (in a difficult to reach spot preferable)
    2) Place the flyers near the entrance for the DUBs to pick them up

    Optional Actions:
    1) Take a picture of the UN flag flying at the KH
    2) Phone the largest local newspaper and report the incident

    What will be accomplished?
    1) A select few dubs will see the flag and wonder whats going on
    2) A select few dubs might read the flyer
    3) The internal rumor mill will take care of the rest
    4) The news story if printed will cement the story
    5) IF and this is a big IF, the story gets enough attention local news channels may pick it up.

    Remember this is not intended to be property should be damaged and great care should be taken when on KH property. Flyers should be a 8x11 piece of paper folded. No envelopes or other things that may cause a bioterror alarm, we want people to read them not call the bomb squad. Flyers should be secured so that they don't blow all over the yard.

    If we band together we could plan this on the same day to maximize the effect accross the world.

    comments, suggestions, advice welcome.


  • OhHappyDay

    I'm outside the US but I like this idea...go for it!!
    Happy Day!!

  • Dan B
    Dan B


    In my humble opinion, I think this would be a mistake. This would be perceived as "persecution" by the JW's and would hamper any attempts to open their eyes through conventional means. If we (ex-jw's) are cast in the role of extremists, it will be very difficult to be taken seriously.


  • Seeker

    I don't think it would work to put a flag on the Kingdom Hall. It would leave you open to charges of trespassing and worse.

    Also, if JWs think "apostates" are behind this U.N. business, they will just ignore it, shutting their minds to it. If, on the other hand, the newspapers talk about this instead, it can have a much greater impact.

    You do have the right idea about the JW gossip trail, but I think that process has already begun.

  • scary_goat2000

    The UN thing is a nail. A nail by itself wont hold the coffin lid closed unless *we* hammer it in. It takes many nails to keep the coffin lid closed for good. NO ONE ON THIS BOARD IS CAPABLE OF HAMERING IN ALL THE NAILS!!! Only the R&F JW can do this.

    *** The Truth About the WT & UN ***
    The WT joined the UN so they would have some political backing in matters that affect their members (France, Greece, Etc). Nothing wrong with this, the problem is that they denounce the UN in all their teachings.

    *** How Can They Explain This to the R&F? ***
    A) We joined the UN. When it went public, we quit because it didn't look good. This is the truth, but would cause too many problems.

    B) We joined the UN for the above mentioned reasons, there is nothing wrong with this. Wrong answer, when they quit they showed by their actions that there was something wrong with joining the UN....Doh! that won't work.

    C) An article will appear in the WT with a paragraph like: "In the past gods organization has worked with humanatarian organizations like the UN/DPI and the united brotherhood of OZ...." the next sentance will read "Wicked apostates hinder Gods organization from helping our brothers in lands where religous freedom is not allowed". This way, those in "camp A" that know nothing about the UN will not blink when presented with the UN thing, it will be easy to dismiss as apostate lies. Those in "Camp B" who know about the UN thing will be able to dismiss it easily. Remember loyal JW's give the benefit of the doubt to the WTS without hesitation. This is the way the WTS will handle the problem IMO. Our goal is to get some of those in "Camp B" to be suspicous and look for more info on the net.

    *** What do we need to do? ***
    1) Tell the average JW that the WTS joined the UN (#1 goal)
    2) Tell the average JW that the WTS quit the UN (not required but nice)
    3) We're not talking about 1914, 1975, military service, blood, or anyhting else not related to the UN issue.

    *** Concepts ***
    1) We want the average JW read the WT article already knowing the facts

    2) The more people that know about the UN thing, the more people will question the WTS, this will fuel the rumor mill and begin the cycle of doubt (we need volume)

    3) Newspaper articles and news stories would be great, but due to the subject matter its just not newsworthy IMO.

    *** Why the Flag n Flyer Campaign Works ***
    1) The average JW will see the UN flag and ask WHY would anyone hang a UN flag? Human nature is to be curious....

    2) Seeing a flyer with the words UN on it will satisfy the curosity that seeing the UN flag creates...some will follow up

    3) The flyers must be ever so carefully prepared. Its about the UN not 1975, 1914 or the color of mars. Simple wording "the WT joined the UN". Not judgemental, not inflamatory, JUST THE FACTS!

    4) Placing a UN flag on the KH lawn is inflamatory and may be considered newsworthy (try putting a nazi flag *anyplace* and see how much news gets generated). This is not an disgusting symbol like a nazi flag, but it will be disturbing to some (american flag OK, UN...hmmmm). With luck (or a few well placed phone calls) it may make the news.

    Getting a major news story may work, but the flag n flyer campaign is a sure thing.


  • bluesapphire

    Scary, I am mulling over your idea and just wanted you to know I'm not ignoring you.

    Initially, it frightens me to give the dubs any more of a "persecution complex" than they already have.

    On the other hand, they are bound to be curious when they see a UN flag. If something like this were done, it would definitely have to be stated as only the facts and not in the least bit inflammatory or "hyped."

    Hope some other people post their opinions re this.

  • scary_goat2000

    I too was hoping for more interest in a campaign to bring the UN news to the average JW.

    The Flags n Flyers idea was my feeble attempt to start a brainstorming thread on how those of us on this board could get the word out.

    Anyone have any other ideas?


  • hawkaw

    Its not newsworthy??

    Its not newsworthy to you because you don't know how to sell it. Why not use some of these "optical" points:


    - About 105,000 Witnesses are located in Canada. 1 million in the USA and 6 million world-wide. To understand how a Witness' thinks about the UN is comparable to understanding what other Christians think about the AntiChrist.

    - Witnesses are knocking on everyone’s door looking to spread their message and to recruit you and your children. Thus, everyone in the community is in contact with them and their message.

    - Their leaders ban supporting governments and only allow political “neutrality”. It has cost Witnesses their lives and freedom and their children have been teased and abused about it at school. But here we find their leaders going behind their backs and by actually supporting a political group that they have slammed (the UN).

    - They are about to knock on everyone’s door and provide a message about religious hypocrisy (in a Nov. 15, 2001 WT magazine) and slam all religions who practice religious hypocrisy – but clearly that is what the leadership appears they have done in this case and they have not told the Witnesses about either the association or disassociation or the general public.

    - This is a multi-billion dollar non-profit corporation that has hurt and hurts a lot of people. It has been accused of being a cult for policies such as shunning ex-members, practicing sexual orientation discrimination, and banning young witness children from receiving a life saving blood transfusion.


    - It’s a timely story because the WTS recently got caught “partnering” with the United Nations, quickly quit after being publicly caught & now they are coming to your door to preach hypocrisy. This in Religious circles is like the Vatican privately supporting and partnering with Planned Parenthood and supporting abortion rights.

    - We are in a time where other NGOs are also having problems being linked to Terrorist groups by President Bush

    - This group has also been publicly teaching the UN was an evil “scarlet colored wild beast” for years but still petitioned the organization for information and prestige.

    - Members and ex-members are issuing a grass roots campaign to draw attention to the scandal

    - Potentially embarrassing to the United Nations who were just given a Nobel Peace prize to be “partnered” with an NGO who has human rights issues. Using an accreditation policy, the United Nations also had to do a serious check on the WTS but still managed to become a "partner" with a "dangerous cult" that has slammed all governments including the UN.

    - The UN requires that associated NGOs must be "transparent" (ie. open). You would think any information the UN is supplied with from the "transparent" NGO would also be "open" for inspection. But the UN's Department of "Public" Information appears to also be covering their tacks on this story by not releasing any information on the Watchtower's file to the general public.


  • scary_goat2000

    Not trying to insult anyone....If news orgs pick it up that would really make my day! I think we should all assume the worst (they won't) and plan accordingly.

    Personally *I* feel it is newsworthy, I don't think anyone else will agree with me (except those here)....therefore my statement its not newsworthy stands.

    The media will not go with a story that makes the UN look bad. Not with all thats going on in the world. The top dude just won a Nobel prize for crying out loud!

    Its unlikely that the media will play the role we want them to, that is for them to "attack" a religous organization. They are not dumb, they know *why* we want them to cover this story. Make up as many reason as you can, in the end we are asking the media to attack the WTS...its just not gonna happen. If for no other reason than for refusal to be a "pawn" in our game.

    Look at other news coverage where religous groups were mentioned. It usually involves medical decisions and child welfare issues, mass suicide, or financial fraud. The media never (that I can remember), has attacked a group on this kind of issue.

    The points that really drive home the newsworthyness of this story I really think are beyond the comprehension of the average person. Some with christian backgrounds may appreciate them, but that not a very large group.

    Again, I hope the press will pick this up for the sake of 6M JW's out there. They deserve to know the truth.


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