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    I rarely post here, but often lurk. When I was breaking free from the mind control that is synonymous with the Watchtower, the quotes site, was THE site that helped me put the long troubled history and doctrinal problems of the society into perspective. It confirmed many of the things I'd suspected while being raised a witness. The Quotes site was powerful due to it's simplicity. How can you refute it? The conclusions are your own and the quotes are accurate. It's all the information needed to verify the Watchtower's flip flops, lies, ignorance and delusions of grandier. Unfortunately, the society was successful in getting the original and I believe subsequent mirror sites shutdown. I know that other sites are now hosting the same content but I believe many current witnesses would look at these sites with more of a jondus eye since they appear to be related to "apostate" material and commentary. The good news is that the original site, as it existed back in 2005, is still accessible on See the link below. If this is old new, I apologize.

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