Be cautious about the excessive use of the most-favored medicine called paracetamol, say studies!

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  • abiather

    Studies have found an increased risk of mortality, up to 63 percent, among long-term paracetamol users, compared to those who had not been prescribed the drug during the study period (

  • kaik
    This is well know that paracetamol can cause liver damage, and it can elevate its effect with combination of alcohol. I don't take it and it is also extremely toxic to cats and dogs. In some countries it was available only on prescription due the side effects unlike aspirin and ibuprofen.
  • abiather

    Good additional tips!


    Aspirin knocks my commencing migraines out of the park in 5 - 15 minutes - very little tunnel vision and no freight-train parking on my head ! But to each one his own poison.

    Paracetamol gives me an ache in the liver region straight away !

  • abiather

    We learned to rush, wanted quick results with regard even mild fever. We are yet to learn to look for the most natural remedies and minimize the side effects of the treatments. However, nowadays what is natural is often the “alternative” treatment and chemical supplements are the most well-known and well promoted medications. It is harder to make money from natural remedies it is quite difficult to patent nature. Pharmaceutical companies often focus on treating the symptoms and not eliminating the root causes of illnesses. If one medicine leads to the sale of another medicine, medical industry will be too happy! "They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart. They have become callous and have given themselves up to greedy practices every kind.”-- Ephesians 4:18-19

  • user100

    No worries! It's just scotch and oxycodone for me! Thanks for the warning!


  • Awake at last
    Awake at last


    I suffered from migraines from the time I was 8. About 5 years ago someone told me about Magnesium tablets. You take them each day, not just when you have a migraine or feel one coming on. I still get them now and then but not as much or anything like as severe. It has changed my life, a bit like leaving the JW's. It's worth a try anyway.

  • GrreatTeacher

    A always in medicine, it's risks versus benefits. Paracetamol (acetaminophen in the US) has a maximum daily dosage of 4000 mg. Two tablets, a single dose, are 1000mg.

    Paracetamol is extremely effective in reducing fever, much better than ibuprofen, and is recommended over aspirin for children due to the risk of Reyes syndrome with aspirin use in that population.

    Another benefit is that it does not "thin the blood" like aspirin and ibuprofen do. It's one of the few pain relievers that can be used pre-surgery.

    And, it is one of the few pain relievers safe for use in pregnancy.

    It's extremely short-sighted to paint one medication as "bad" without looking into the entire drug profile. Its use may be unwarranted in one situation (eg daily use) but highly indicated in other scenarios.

  • Listener
    The standard dose are two tablets but my mother always encouraged us to take just one. Often times this is still sufficient in relieving symptoms.

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