Delve Deep

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  • peacepipe

    Delve Deep

    The somber tides of time bequeath
    a lonesome song to myst ears may seek
    but if your heart shall follow nye
    my earnest depths of thought shall die

    But if you follow true my love
    a song to you from far above
    will lift your spirit soaring high
    among the burning midnight sky

    Alas my only hopes are this
    you wilst me all your willingness
    and prove powerless to fates delight
    and live together in paradise. .

    The Question

    The Mystery of Time is haunting me
    I ask myself what answers thee
    Why hast thou cast me
    here to burn
    A fate I had not asked
    a turn
    My prayers and pleas left still
    My bones are churning into dust
    Just answer me once is all I ask!
    Before I take my turn to pass.

  • Seven

    peace, Thanks for posting the poems here in this forum. Add a few more if you have time.


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