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  • larc


    I have some thoughts on letters written to JWs about problems in the organization.

    It seems to me that many letters that I have read here are way to long and to fully docuemented. It seems to me that the typical Witness would see the size of it and just shut down and refuse to read it.

    I think sending any letter of any size to Brooklyn would be pointless.

    It seems to me that a useful topic outline would be as follows:

    1. State a concern. Do it humbly and with the idea that you are imperfect and don't understand everything.

    2. Cite some references, and ask the person if they could look at these and give their opinion. Make sure the references are not from "apostate" sources.

    3. Thank them for any insight they could provide.

    Earlier I had written a thread on persuasion and got many thoughtful replies. I want to thank those who made contributions on that thread. Your thoughts on letter writing would be greatly appreciated.

    There are many issues that could be addressed this way, but I think only one at a time should be discussed. I think a laundry list of problems would also shut down a typical Witness. Some topics that come to mind are: the UN, child sexual abuse, blood fractions, the 607 BC date (any standared encyclopedia can be referenced), 1975 quotes, quotes on whether to scream or not when raped - this has changed seven or so times.

  • FormerOne

    Excellent post! I agree with your suggestions. The hardest part about writing to a friend or relative is being logical. Our emotions tend to take over and we want to pour out every bit of knowledge we've come upon.

    I agree with you that many of the letters I've read, while providing excellent information, would generally be discarded by a hard-headed JW. Writing in the manner you've suggested, where you're asking for their 'help' in a confusing manner may be just enough to "plant a seed" (to use the JW's own overly used expression) in their head.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  • larc

    I am bringing this back up to the top, because I consider it to be a very important subject. When we write a letter we have more of an opportunity to prepare and give facts and a rationale for our ideas. However, if our letter is not well planned it will have no effect, no matter how much time we have spent in doing our research.

    Please give some imput if for no other reason than to keep this thread alive for consideration.

  • Kent

    Sending letters to the Society is NOT pointless, and I can assure you they read it!

    Norm and I used to send monthly letters to the Governing Body, and I guess I will take up the habit again. This because we got actual prof the letters were read - and even sent to the Norwegian branch office!

    In a child custody case here in Norway, a complete moron, a Watchtower-lawyer called Helstedt, told the court he would produce letters we had written to the GB if we were called as witnesses!

    According to him these letters showed we had no respect for the GB, but nobody but the moron understodd what that had to do with anything. LOL

    So, any letter to Brooklyn will be read and put into archives. You can be sure of that.

    Also, it's a rather interesting exercise to ask simple questions to normal JWs. One example, if we attach the fax from the UN, and asks them what this is all about. Of course we got it in the mail, but believed the JWs did not cooperate with the UN, and were "neutral". Here the UN clearly states othervice, and what's really going on....

    These arrogant assholes can't stand the challege of being asked. They're the experts, and we ask THEM what's up. LOL

    Yakki Da


    I need more BOE letters, KMs and other material. Those who can send it to me - please do! The new section will be interesting!!

    Daily News On The Watchtower and the Jehovah's Witnesses:

  • TheOldHippie

    It is always so nice to read that I am an asshole, and that the purpose of your letter-writing is to make me stuble and fall and look even more like an idiot that I previously was.
    That's a REALLY nice starting point for a meaningful conversation.

  • somebody


    I agree with your points on letter writing. I understand WHY people include documentation though too. I think it is possible to include "some" documentation without going overboard. And I think you are correct in thinking that the typical witness will see the size of the letter and shut down. So all the points you noted were great ones, and very useful. Especially number 1. If your advice is taken, then there is a big chance that whoever is reading it will continue and finish reading it. Also,if someone is going to write to an elder, I'd suggest sending it to his home address because they have a better chance of the elder reading it and checking references when he is alone.

    Thanks for the good pointers.

    somebody....who thinks the purpose of letters to JWs is not to make them stumble and fall, but to open their eyes and free them. To help them have the chance to learn to walk.

  • Sirona

    I wrote to the society and it was quite a long letter, and I received a long letter in reply. I will be posting both of these at some point, because someone asked me in an earlier thread.

    I think if you do really want answers then writing to the society can serve to help you. I realised by their reply that there are simply some things that they have no answer to! (or wont answer).

    I've never attempted to write to a family member, but I expect that short is good in that instance.


  • Xena

    I got a three page typewritten letter from my JW sister so I know first hand the response I would give to any LONG letters from someone who believes different from myself and/or is trying to change my way of thinking....and the response was aaaahhhhhh I don't want to read this...lol and then a courtesy skimming of the material.

    So I do believe (yes there was a purpose to the above paragraph) that you have a good point larc about keeping things short, well thought out, simple and to the point. I decided that if I ever do write her back that is what I will do...hit a few major points briefly..then if she responds I can fill in more details in a later longer letter.

  • Gozz

    The UN statement by Paul Hoeffel works effectively. A few lines with the full text of the release works just fine. A few Witnesses I've sent the release to have been stunned, and are themselves writing to the Society. I've made the point of citing the newspaper article as a reference point, no apostate sources. With the UN statement, concrned JWs will themselves seek means to invalidate the claim of the UN DPI affiliation, and it's somewhat more effective to let them do the 'research' themselves.

  • outnfree


    I agree with all of your outline points. Unfortunately, I can no longer use them, because I'm out, out, out -- officially DA'd -- and nobody would listen to me, period. So I have to wage an anonymous campaign (although some are wise to who is actually behind the info they are receiving).

    Regarding writing the Society: At the time of my disassociation, I had begun to write an extremely LONG letter outlining my concerns to Broolyn. I found I had so many, and so much to say about them, and so many references to cite, that I could not BEGIN to edit them down enough to make a reasonable length. This with countless attempts to be concise and MORE concise! LOL What I wound up doing was giving up, and sending them a copy of the 1-page DA letter that I had sent first to the elders only.

    So Kent, I have a few questions: What is the purpose of writing the Society? Most of the things I would point out to the GB or their minions are already well-documented and attested to (hence the 'form letter' replies) in their own literature, so in the end I considered a letter from little old me futile.

    -- Does one write to seriously attempt to effect change within the Society? Fine. If so, mustn't this be done while the writer is still one of Jehovah's Witnesses and doesn't the very writing of said letter put that standing in jeopardy unless the letter is carefully crafted with a humble tone?
    -- Does one write to inform the reader of the letter in the Service Department, to open his eyes to the Society's wrongdoing and error and damn the consequences to one's status?
    -- Does one write to tell the Society off, not caring one whit if the letter effects change, but merely giving the Boyz in Brooklyn a piece of one's mind?

    I think any and all of these are valid reasons to write the Society. But I think the writer of any letter to Brooklyn should have his/her purpose in doing so FIRMLY IN MIND and be convinced of the rightness regardless the outcome to her/his status as a Witness.

    In like manner, when we write to relatives or friends, the PURPOSE of our letter writing must be clear to us. Are we trying to incite the recipient to leave the organization, reform the organization from within, or just provide facts from which we really, truly want them to form their OWN opinions and course of action (which may or may not be the opinions and reaction we would have to similar material)?

    Next, I would like to know OldHippie's suggestions for how we SHOULD go about writing a letter to family or friends in the Witness Organization? OH, how would YOU compose a letter with a view to opening a meaningful conversation?

    And finally, (and off-topic) I would like to convey Belated Birthday greetings to Zazu because somehow I missed doing so earlier this month!


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