My Chat With a Christian on YouTube

by cofty 3 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • cofty

    I have been having an exchange with a Jim Mumy in the comments section of a YouTube video.

    I have often said that the best arguments against theism is to get theists to defend their beliefs.

    Click on the video title to see the conversation between me - Bill Blyth and Jim Mumy

  • JWCartPusher
    There's no link, can you post it? Your video is not taking me to the Youtube website showing your debate, I would enjoy reading your ideas to examine, can you post it?
  • Simon

    Try clicking the "Watch on YouTube" link when you play the video (i.e. the YouTube logo near the bottom right).

    That will take you to the page on the YouTube site with all the comments on it.

  • suavojr
    I liked how the creationist ended the conversation and kept saying the same arguments over and over. Great job Cofty and also Cappytan for jumping in!

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