Get the Original WT UN NGO application?

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  • VM44

    Perhaps this has already been talked about on the massive
    WT UN NGO thread, but...

    Can someone get a photocopy of the ORIGINAL NGO membership
    application the Watchtower filled out?

    The signature of a GB member on the form would be something
    elders would be hard pressed to dismiss when the topic is
    brought up.

    Of course, one should never underestimate the rationalization
    that true "Watchtower Men" elders can perform on a moment's


  • Stephanus

    Does the US have some sort of Freedom of Information legislation? Is the UN subject to it, if so? Perhaps an application under the provisions of such legislation could prove fruitful...

  • hawkaw

    Please read the entire big thread and other big threads over carefully.

    DPI will NOT provide the file for confidential reasons. However, the head of the NGO section for DPI has provided all of you with a letter quoting a lot of the necessary facts.

    We are still atempting to see what we can do wrt to the file but you got the amo you need.

    BTW - your title of your thread suggests you actually have the title -you may wish to edit your title into a question.


  • biblexaminer

    Hey Hawk. Now that you have the authentic UN letter in your hot little hands, when are you going to feed it into the scanner.

    biblexaminer ....impatient class

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