A Weapon of Choice

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  • mindfield

    How do I start? Well, okay. I discovered the weapon in question after a self-righteous SOB called an "elder" pushed me too far. Let me explain:

    We have 2 elders in our cong. One thinks before he speaks, a real reasonable guy... the other, you guessed it! Righteous piece of shit. Anyways, we were just about to go out in the conversion work, when he started to engage me in conversation. Of course, I put on my fake smile and listened to what bull he would have to say. Something spiritually uplifting, no doubt. Here's the gist of the conversation:

    SOB :So, fed up, do you have any new visits?
    (I didn't, duh, I have trouble convincing people when I can't convince myself)
    ME: No.
    SOB: Well, that's too bad, I had two VERY interesting return visits this week... one was (and he would have continued except we were both called to our respective cars)
    What a moron! He actually put me down, although maybe not intentionally, but still...everytime we speak, he always says something negative. "Hey, you weren't at that party last week?" (party? LOL) and so on and so forth. I was getting tired of his bullshit.[>:(]

    That's when i discovered the Weapon of Choice (awed silence). It's pretty simple actually. You know those #2 talks at the hall, where newbies with low experience can actually give a boring speech? Hah. I turned that against the elder.

    The text I had to read was a prayer from some guy, but I noticed the humility he expressed. So what? Well, as an introduction, I used the exact same things the elder had told me! So only him and I knew what I was doing in front of all these people. I then proceeded to read the verses, and say how such an example would not be a proof of christian love, and all that bull. So, to make a long story short, I totally embarassed the elder in front of the congregation!!!

    Evil, I know. Childish, maybe. But revenge is so, so sweet. And besides, he excused himself after the reunion. Basically, the weapon struck true. Just think about the possibilities for a #2 talk:

    -Use the "Pay Attention" book as your source!
    -Talk about the UN thing, but only subtly...
    -Insult an elder, like i did...
    -etc etc etc.

    Sadly, when I decided not to be a publisher anymore, I also decided not to participate in the Theocratic School as well... darn. So many constructive talks down the drain..

    That's my weapon of choice...
    Used it, loved it, recommend it!!!

  • sf

    "-Use the "Pay Attention" book as your source!
    -Talk about the UN thing, but only subtly...
    -Insult an elder, like i did...
    -etc etc etc."

    No doubt! And why not use this? What is the fear NOW? We have got them by their balls! I for one, am not letting go!! (shut up unc!) Start incorporating these into your "talks" NOW. Don't be "afraid". There's nothing ANYMORE to fear. They are crumbling, and fast. You will only get caught up in the "rubble" (fallout). I really cannot comprehend why this organization is still being PROFUCKINGTECTED!! Will they murder to shut us up? Will they kill our kids if we keep EXPOSING the corruption? If not, screw them!! OH WAIT...I get it. WTBTS isn't really run by the names we see as the leaders, is it? Go figure....


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