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    starting new thread with a bit of a twist on the topic

    While I do not believe people will actually sever their ties with the Watchtower on this issue, I do not doubt that a number of witness-affected people, especially the young, will recognize the hypocrisy and will factor that in when making their life decisions (ie, family, career and education). In my opinion, this is far more important than any consequences the Watchtower society itself will face.

    Improving people's lives who are witness-affected should be our goal not changing a set of statistics. This web site and its sister web sites are the only realistic place for people to come to discuss WAD
    (witness affected disorder) with people who understand what they have been through and what they are continuing to go through.

    While people might fight with us one on one about a doctrinal or policy issue such as the UN affiliation, we must also be aware that we cannot read their minds. Everything someone sees or hears affects their thinking in some manner. If 5000 13 year olds hear their parents discussing this and decide to live their dream instead of the Watchtower's dream, it is more than worth all the work being invested in it.

    I continue to point to the witnesses themselves as being the optimal center of our efforts, not the publishing company. I think people's efforts here are to be applauded.

    take care


  • Double Dee
    Double Dee


    Excellent points. I totally agree.


  • LDH

    Joel, you are absolutely right. If we remove the 'base' from the pyramid, surely it can't stand!

    People are what form the WBTS, and yet so many of us, myself included, sometimes get caught up in wanting to destry that organization.

    You are right to remind us that it's about people, not buildings of bricks and stones no matter how repulsive we find them.


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