Talking to an uber dub from chile today about flags been flown in the KH. He was oblivious to it.

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  • joe134cd
    I mentioned about the flags been flown outside the KH with an uber dub (regular pioneer) who lives in Chile today. He was totally oblivious to it, and said absolutely it wasn't true. I sent him the you tube clip along with the address of the KH in the clip etc. Now I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt here and saying that he didn't know. So my question is just how widely known is it amongst Chilean witness that this is going on. To be honest I was sort of expecting him to fill me in on it. If he didn't know (and he lives in Santiago)then it must only be a very small number of KH that are flying the flag. Anyone know for sure.
  • smiddy

    This does not surprise me at all .Even JW`s going to a KH where this was displayed , it would not register with them.

    When you bring up a controversial subject with a JW , what do they say , Oh, I have never heard of that before , ( in other words he/she has never heard of that in a KH from the GB . ) Of course not .Because it is a negative against the org.

    In their brain dead mind they are thinking that the GB would tell them of these wrongs. NO, NO WAY !

    NO , no organisation is going to tell their members of serious problems/ criminal charges /accusations that their organisation are going through at any one time.?

    Does the R.C.Church tell their members of the problems/criminal charges /accusations they have ? of course not .

    Does the Church Of Jesus Christ / Seventh Day Adventist ? etc. tell their members of the problems facing their church ? regarding sexual abuse ,criminal charges and accusations .

    All of these religions have cases against them and none of them acknowledge it to their members , so does that mean it doesn`t exist ?

    Give me a break


  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    My understanding of the Org's view is that they said it was a MATTER of CONSCIENCE for each KH BoE to decide.

    So perhaps the Witness pioneer from Santiago has a BoE who would rather pay the fine, instead of flying the flag.

  • Vidiot
    Even if he did have it in his KH, his "Bible-trained conscience" would have programmed him not to see it.

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