660 million dollars

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  • bob1999

    "Attorneys for the Roman Catholic Church in Los Angeles and hundreds (508) of people sexually abused by priests are to appear in court here Monday to file a 660-million-dollar settlement, the biggest in US history."

    So the Catholic church got off for 1.3 million per case.

    Has anyone heard how much per case the WTS had to pay?

  • WTWizard

    No, but I hope the settlements are huge. First, they should have to pay for the original crime. And then they should have that raised at least double for the obstruction of justice, twisting the language, and stalling so the victims would not get anything in time to do any good. I think a write-up in Time magazine if the case drags out more than a week would also be a good incentive to avoid stalling.

  • gladtidethings

    For Watchtower-abused victims it was probably much higher because they didn't just want it not to go to trial but didn't want the over 23,000 molestation files made public either, possibly up to $3.5 million or so each for them.

    By the way I just bought a copy of the brand new e-book by Bill Bowen, the founder of silentlambs and silentlambs.org:http://www.jwchildcustody.com/beastbook It's all about the U.N. scandal. The Watchtower's own documents show they lied.

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