How many do you wonder..........

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  • pettygrudger

    I've only been posting & visiting these boards for approximately 2 weeks now. I have been an ex-JW for 16 years. I'm wondering how many of "like" me's there are out there? People who are still just too afraid to even look at "apostate" sites for fear of lightening strikes, people so loaded down in their own self-worthlessness & low self-esteem that they don't even "think" to look for a way out of their depressed/confused state. Or, people who simply walked away and never looked back. I bet there's alot more than the 3500 who post here.

  • JBean

    Hi! We've both been on this board for about the same amount of time! Well... I'm still in and finally got the courage to "take a look". This board, as well as key other sites, is helping me immensly in my private, personal struggle. I believe in my first few days of having my "eyes opened", I made a similar comment that there are more than likely hundreds if not thousands of actual CURRENT JW's who are lurking. Time will tell...JBean

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