Letter from gb?

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  • FreeFallin

    I'm assuming by now every JW knows that the Watchtower was associated with the UN (altho they may not know about the current disassociation)
    I've heard it said that they were merely registered with the UN to aid in the preaching work. How did they, or any individaul witness come to that conclusion. Was there a letter read at the meetings or is this just private interpretation?

  • Naeblis

    What kills me is that they can reason that it's ok for the Witnesses to join the UN merely to aid in witnessing, but it's wrong for a witness to buy a 50 cent party card to save his life. Only the witnesses.

  • DIM

    I think it is far from common knowledge right now. Most JW's in my area don't know anything about it.

  • Satanus


    That sounds like the most likely spin they will put on this. If they do, one could ask the following questions: Why did they then dissasciate? Isn't jehovahs spirit supposed to be the driving force behind their preaching? Why then turn to the chief idol of satans system, the image which satan set up to be in direct oppostion to, and direct the masses away from gods true kingdom for aide?

    The fucking hypocrites!!


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