UK Guardian-Candace Conti article

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  • anglise
  • cofty
    Thank you.
  • Vidiot

    Candace Conti: hero of the Rebellion.

    May the Force be with her... always.

  • Phizzy

    Agreed Vidiot ! She needs good vibes from us, it has been a long weary road thus far, and still a way to go.

    But what an admirable young lady she is !

    I am glad too that the U.K media is gradually getting to grips with the scandal of the level of abuse and cover-up in the "Jehovah Church", as the Sunday Times called it yesterday.

  • 88JM
    Very powerful hearing in the first person narrative - much more so than a journalist reporting on it.
  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    Jinx! I posted at the same time.
  • Icarus
    Maybe this thing will break into the TV mainstream news where all the JWs who plug their ears to the truth will be forced to hear the truth.
  • ignored_one
    Nice to see the JWs popping in getting their asses handed to them too. :)
  • zeb

    Candace Conti should be recommended for the Nobel Peace prize. She is every bit as brave as any other recipient and her actions every bit as important to a cleaner humanity.

    Does anyone in Britain or the US know how to go about this.

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