Becoming a NGO is not a bad thing.

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    Let's face it, it is not. Becoming partners with the United Nations, not to mention all of it's sister organizations is really a wonderful thing. As I scour the site looking for info on the WTBTS, I am struck dumbfounded at times at all of the good done by these organizations.

    Billions of dollars are spent on needy ones, and food for hungry ones. And if there is a woman who has her rights taken away in another land, you can bet you have someone who will stand side by side and defend her.

    There are so many on this earth who genuinly care for others, and expect nothing in return. People who are willing to roll up their sleeves and help out without getting a reward. And will not limit who they give help to.

    I left the org because I knew the love they proclaimed was not true love. I knew that they only had love for those going down the river with them, and if anyone fell out of the boat, OH WELL, they should have held on tighter.

    Anyway, I just wanted to post this, as I know others feel as I. It reminds me of Princess being thrown out of the, a site run by active JW's. Her membership was revoked because she told another poster that he should be praying for everyone in need, not just the brothers.

    Anywho if any of you don't have the time to help out, but have the heart. Go over to the UN site, there are many links there will give you a place to help your fellow man, black, white, red, orange, poor, and I am sure rich

    The WTBTS is wrong to say that their purpose is to bring others to god. Their purpose is to follow the rules they created so they make it into a world they created. And so many give up their lives to follow this path, not even realizing that.

    I recently spoke to my mom about every issue under the sun, almost And one point she concended to, was that other christians are being persecuted as well. Now this may seem like no biggie. But I assure you , this is monumental for her to even acknowledge that another religion is being persecuted I told her for the last 30 years she has led a sheltered life, only knowing what the org tells her, and prints. But there is a huge world out there. Many people who are hurting, and in need. Not just the brother and sisters she need to think about. I hope she can see that, and once she gets past that, perhaps her heart will open to those who are in need. That was my first step.

    Blind faith can justify anything.~Richard Dawkins

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