Child sexual abuse and a loving God.

by Tenacious 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Tenacious

    I'm having a hard time reconciling how such a loving and merciful God would require someone as innocent and helpless as a child or an adult for that matter, in order to properly establish a claim sexual abuse, having the need to produce another witness that actually witnessed the abuse. How ludicrous is this? How can the Holy Bible, the divine word of God, make a requirement such as this? Moreover, why would Jesus repeat such a requirement? How could God not have seen how this one rule would put so many children and people all over the world in danger? Am I missing something here?

    This is one reason why I sometimes have a hard time believing the validity of the Bible.

  • OneEyedJoe

    I don't think the bible actually indicates that this rule applies to sexual abuse. If I remember correctly, it was more for cases of fraud. There is a rule in the bible (which has it's own problems) that if a woman is raped and no one is around, the man who raped her has to take her as his wife. This indicates that her word that the man raped her would be sufficient in this case.

    Honestly, though, there are so many other problems with the bible that don't rely upon subjective interpretation to see. There are a hundred reasons that show it's not the word of god before you get to the (mis)handling of child abuse cases as a result of (mis)interpretation of certain vague scriptural rules.

  • Tenacious

    @ OneEyedJoe - that one rule for rape is in the Mosaic Law so it doesn't apply with the new Law of the Christ but I understand your point. I do know that if you are raped one needs to scream in order not to be DF'd.

    Honestly, I hope that we are on Earth for a reason and that a God does exist. Otherwise, it's a short life we have inherited when compared to other species now living.

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