Watchtower switching to selling children's toys that have corporation approval

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Hey put a good video out about the evil toys on the market and the possibility of making Jehovah very very sad by having these things in your house and demons start to party on your sofa. Then wait a couple of weeks and offer a entire line of acceptable toys and charge the hypnotized families a stiff price/suggested contribution. Could make a few million and help pay off some of these child molestation lawsuits.

    I can just see Tony Morris singing 'rubber ducky' and offering the latest marketing scam of a toy that don't make Jehovah so sad. Remember kiddies by asking mom and dad to get these toys for you are making Jehovah happy and Satan very very sad.

  • Village Idiot

    This is hypothetical, I assume. They could make Caleb and Sophia action figures, and play sets. Maybe Caleb and Sophia can go to Bethel and see Moses and King David?

    There could be a Phillistine adventure! The kids could learn about collecting foreskins!


  • _Morpheus
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    Noah's ark
    Jesus and his apostles
  • StrongHaiku

    I would not put it past the GB to find new and creative ways to milk the cash cow...

  • zed revisited
    zed revisited
    Where is Sparlock?
  • Brokeback Watchtower
  • steve2
    I'm into cooking. Could I have the toy version of Lot's wife being turned into a pillar of salt. I could then give her a damn good shaking over my mud pies.
  • jwleaks

    Collector cards




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