Watchtower CD Rom Tech Support

by paulcurtis 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • paulcurtis

    Anybody have trouble running the 1995 version of the CD in windows98/ME OS? I get a "floating point error" message. I figure its some old Visual Basic incompatibility issue. Anybody find a workaround for this?

    Just too lazy to get a newer version....

  • dungbeetle

    email me if you'd like much dung, so little time...

  • Eyebrow

    Maybe the cd was written with software that automatically knows when there is going to be a change in thinking (new light) so it makes it impossible to access information that needs to be corrected.

    Heehee...there must be a new computer language out there, something link Invincible Basic +, or Jehovah Java.

  • dmouse

    I had trouble with the 95 CD a long time ago.
    I think it was due to the colour depth setting, or it could have been the resolution, I can't remember. I think the old version only runs in 256 colours and if it isn't set right it just crashes.

  • Contagion

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