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  • hsmew

    "I know this is not supposed to be funny, but I just can't help it. Have you seen their wacky propaganda? I love the illustrations - the black & white drawings of Heaven, where, in the Elysian Fields, amongst the tamed animal kingdom, all the men wear suits, ties, and hats, and the gals wear crinoline dresses and formal pumps, all of it just like something frozen in a time warp circa 1952."

    Hell, that could be one of us! In fact, it's even better than one of us. There's great potential out there. Brothers......TO THE FIELD!

  • Princess

    can you give us a link?

  • hsmew


    With the greatest of pleasure! Already one participant has decided that he must write to The Guardian in support of the cause.

    Go to

    then scroll down the middle column to "Religion in America."

    and take it from there.....


    whoever I am these days....

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