A friend of mine needs help with child custody

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  • hoser

    A friend of mine has a one year old he wants to get joint custody of with his jw ex wife. He is dfd. He told me the elders already testified for his ex and lied in court.

    is there a child custody packet that the Jws use to lie in court? If there is where can I get a copy. Or any other advice I can pass on

    this is in canada btw.

  • jwleaks

    Try here >>> JW LEAKS

    Scroll down the page and you will come to the subheading "Child Custody". The link to the booklet is available there.

    Also go to this page >>> JW LEAKS | CANADA

    The BOE letter, 6 November 2014, contains information for elders on child custody.

  • Crazyguy
    What did the elders lie about?
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    In view of the surge of paedophilia cases against the Org, and especially their refusal to accept any responsibility for a duty of care to families regarding perverts, if I were your friend, I would have my lawyer ask the judge to impose certain restrictions on my child's religious practices.
  • pbrow


    The user "outsmartthesystem" sent me a packet that he and his lawyer came up with. If you pm him he was willing to send it to people. It is very good.


  • wifibandit

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