Spiritual Menu at Last Sunday's Pep Rally

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Hi all, I know this is very long, but it's a word-for-word summary of what was dished up at one of last Sunday's supplemental meetings.
    It's a boradcast e-mail sent by one of the privileged ticket holders to her gaggle of JW friends.
    Here goes:
    ``Interesting (?!) points from a talk given in Greensboro, NC by Brookyln, NY speaker this past weekend:
    1. ``Islam is now larger than Christendom. According to the 'Mankind
    Search for God' book, the inside map shows the amount of people in major religions.''
    ``The numbers for the Islamic religion is now much larger. So all this time that we were looking at Christendom to be this large factor, it could very well be the Islamic groups instead. They are so large, and with all has happened in the past three weeks, the religion has aggravated the King of the South and the Wild Beast. They will be looking for a way to rid themselves of a large group.''
    2. ``We were urged to read Ezekiel 38 and 39.''
    3. ``The end is rushing up to meet us. The signs are all there. After a disaster, people have all these feelings. When it reaches anger, that is when to watch around us. This is when action is likely to be taken.''
    4. ``No neutrality or pacifism will be allowed by governments. They will insist we take a side, and when we don't, they can use this as an excuse to take action against us. We could be termed a 'dangerous sect.' We can look for all property owned by the Watchtower Society to be seized. Branches,land, farms, Kingdom Halls.''
    ``They might use the excuse that they need the land to fund wars or something of that possessions. Money, property, things, will be meaningless to us. Only our heavenly treasures will have value. Some of us may have to find shelter with other Witnesses.''
    5. ``We will have no legal rights to speak of (note: kinda like what we have going on right now at the local KH, right?). Going to court, the police, etc. Any rights gained by us to date will not exist.''
    6. ``The Bible does not tell us how far things will go, only that we will wait on Jehovah to take action (note: you mean we won't get things moving by starting the shooting of our neighbors?).''
    7. ``The Kings of the North and South prophesies are coming true. They are very important to us, even though we don't know who the king of the north is yet. He also brought out that we don't understand everything yet, and may not have complete understanding before this all occurs.''
    8. ``Gog of Magog is also important. He will be spewing his rage because of the Witnesses of Jehovah. He will do anything he can to destroy us (note: that's if your Governing Body doesn't do it first). Daniel 11:45.''
    9. ``This will be worse than any war ever fought on earth before.
    Other scriptures mentioned in connection to these points: Eze 38:10, 13, 16, 22; Isaiah 30:15; Zechariah 14: 12, 13.''
    10. ``No matter what happens to us during this time, we can take comfort that God is with us. Romans 8:31. There are more with us than are with them. Psalms 56:11, 118:16; 16:8. God will not save each and every one of his witnesses from death, but we have too much value to him (?!) for him to let us all be exterminated.''
    11. ``Apostates are rampant, (Matthew 24:24 )waiting for a time when they can publicly denounce God's people. That doesn't mean they are not active now. They are publishing materials and speaking loudly. But it will get worse. And as Jesus and Paul pointed out, there will be traitors in the congregation. Probably more than we have thought there would be. Because of this we need to be cautious as serpents and gentle as doves. There will be no need for some (note: that ``some'' includes us naive, trusting dubs) to know everything, especially the government (them too).''
    12. ``Physical signs (Matthew 24:29). These will happen. The celestial signs will occur( i.e. sun darkened, moon not there), and in such a manner as to leave people in no doubt as to who is causing them. These will be in conjunction with his vengeance on those persecuting his people. Zephaniah 1:17, 18. How can they hurt us if they have no eyes to see us? How can they pull a trigger if they have no arms? As Matthew 24 points out, (verses 30-31) there will also be an angelic presence in the heavens- a visible one.''
    ``He in the heavens, sword drawn, with the angels behind him. THESE SIGNS WILL TAKE PLACE.''
    13. ``There will probably be a time when the preaching work will slow drastically. Our main focus may be on keeping alive and enduring.''
    Then there are reports of ``progress'' all from third world countries, with details of results from the Developed World conspicuosly absent.
    Great stuff, right?

  • bboyneko

    what does this have to do with homosexuality, and more importandly, apostate-bot (the modified slug-bot that will clean up our corpses after armagedon)!?
    .. http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=13450&site=3

  • bluesapphire

    I found this comment interesting:

    "...they can use this as an excuse to take action against us. We could be termed a 'dangerous sect.' We can look for all property owned by the Watchtower Society to be seized. Branches,land, farms, Kingdom Halls."

    Sounds to me like they're gearing up for the bad publicity soon to come regarding the UN and Dateline fiascos. No doubt their land, branches, farms and kingdom halls may be confiscated as a result of the lawsuits.

    Ticks me off! So the brain-dead dubs like my sister will probably actually see these things happening as Watchtower prophecies coming true. Barf!

    Will there ever ben an end to their hypocricy? How can a man, knowing what is going on, lie this way? This man knows full well the reality of the reason the press will print these articles. They know the WTS covered up pedophilia. THEY KNOW IT and HE KNOWS IT! I am wondering if they even believe in God. How can a person who believes in an all-knowing God deceive innocent people this way? I am very sad and angry at the moment due to this post.

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